Loan Director

With Loan Director from Fiserv, part of the OriginateSM Loans suite of products, financial institutions can automate and streamline underwriting and onboarding for consumer, small business, home equity and indirect loans with workflows tailored to your business rules.

Loan Director from Fiserv is a full-function consumer and business loan origination system with comprehensive rules-driven auto adjudication, risk-based pricing and role-based workflow. The system supports direct and indirect auto lending, unsecured loans, credit cards, equity and small business lending. Key features include:

  • Configurable workflow options that allow you to assign applications to specific loan officers
  • Customizable business rules and automated loan decisioning to speed decisions while ensuring adherence to your business rules
  • Powerful cross-sell engine to help you increase revenue
  • Signature pads, e-signatures and remote signature technology to simplify closings
  • Advanced compliance features that help your institution stay current with state and federal regulations
  • Robust reporting capabilities that provide insights to drive strategy

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