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The Heart of Digital Transformation

Apr  05 
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Think differently about financial services to seamlessly serve people in every channel

Whether driving internal change or delivering new embedded finance innovations, digital technologies are changing the way we live and work. People are at the heart of digital transformation, but technology's human implications are often missed.

But not for Whitney Stewart Russell. The president of Digital Solutions for Fiserv said in a recent conversation that she and her team are laser-focused on making it easier for people to manage and move money, from taking steps out of the process to helping consumers make financial decisions.



People Are at the Heart of Digital Transformatio‪n


"We're evolving the tool set so financial institutions can provide awesome experiences for their customers and members," Steward Russell said. "We want digital to be where consumers go first because it's the richest, most robust channel – and it quickly gets them what they need."

Seamlessly serving customers and members in every channel will be key as the digital experience evolves. Can people start a process in one channel and pick it up in another? How does mobile banking merge with the call center? Is there an equitable experience across every channel?

"Transformation starts with our customers' experience and journey versus any transaction," Stewart Russell said. "Digital isn't a channel, it's part of every solution."