Community Service Credit Union Succeeds With Verifast

Community Service Credit Union uses Galaxy® from Fiserv for account processing and recently added VerifastTM Branch and SSO. It now delivers on what it terms the three C's: confidence, consistency and convenience.


CSCU wanted to improve security for members and increase efficiency for employees to make the branch experience more pleasant, quick and economical. 


Verifast authenticates with biometric technology. With Verifast, CSCU has experienced security, convenience and cross-channel consistency for both members and staff.

Proof Points

CSCU has improved security, gained efficiency, made convenience part of the in-branch banking experience and improved working conditions for staff.  

Improvement Opportunities Abound



Patsy Lindamood, chief financial officer and information security officer at Community Service Credit Union (CSCU), has been in the industry for more than 30 years and recognizes a need-to-have solution when she sees it.



"When I see a great idea, I can identify it fairly quickly and know instinctually that this is something that could be a great benefit for my institution," she said.



Such was the case when she saw Verifast Branch. After watching demonstrations of both the employee and the member authentication solutions, she knew Verifast could "improve our security by leaps and bounds and could also improve efficiencies at the same time."


Client Profile

Community Service Credit Union of Huntsville, TX, has served the local area since 1954 when the director of the Texas Prison System proposed developing a credit union for employees. Originally located on prison property, limited to prison employees and called Texas Prison Employees Credit Union, it moved to the current location in 1986. In 1988, it adopted a community charter, expanded its membership and became Community Service Credit Union. It now has more than 11,000 members, and assets total about $99.47 million.

How Verifast Works

Palm placed over infrared sensing device

Device scans the unique palm vein pattern

Vein pattern matched to an encrypted digital signature


Making the Employee Experience Easier

Once CSCU started using Verifast, the job of supporting employees became less stressful, interruptions for routine fixes became nearly nonexistent and the need for an additional consultant lessened.

CSCU's IT support staff began automating cash operations now that password reset requests have diminished. And staff members sign into the core with the wave of a palm. Next up: using Verifast for building access.

Verifast also integrates with IMM, enabling the credit union to utilize tablets for member authentication and IMM eSign of documents. One tablet can perform the tasks of four pieces of equipment.


Pros of Palm Vein Authentication

Palm vein patterns are unique and stable, making forgery virtually impossible

Palm vein patterns are complex, with more than five million reference points


Palm vein scanning is hygienic, easy and intuitive

"The information is secure. There's no way for somebody to come back and recreate your identity without having your living hand there."

Patsy Lindamood, CFO and Information Security Officer, Community Service Credit Union

Giving Members Confidence and Convenience

Verifast is positioned to help the credit union exceed members' expectations for convenience, speed and security as part of the in-branch banking experience.

The frontline account service professionals who perform cash operations can focus on interacting with members so they get more out of their credit union relationship.

"The Verifast solution stands alone among biometric modalities and truly speaks for itself from the first palm scan," Lindamood said. "Because of this, I would encourage credit unions not only to follow through with their pursuits of Verifast, but also to fully commit when deciding to do so."

Digital_First_CaseStudy_DigitalCollateral-Authentication-2400x1200-edit Digital_First_CaseStudy_DigitalCollateral-Authentication-2400x1200-edit

Authentication in the Palm of Your Hand

Verifast is the award-winning biometric authentication solution for consumers and employees.

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