Create Seamless Standardization Across Your Enterprise

Inefficiency impedes progress, especially in today’s get-it-done-fast world. Now there’s Efficiency Manager from Fiserv, a suite of content-enabled process automation applications that digitally transform your enterprise from the back office to the consumer experience.

Greater Efficiency and Standardization With Repeatable Automation

Create Seamless Standardization Across Your Enterprise


decrease in loan processing times


gain in overall efficiency

Improved Productivity and Compliance With Fewer Workflows


reduction in audit times and simplified compliance


faster onboarding of commercial clients

Reduced Cost and Risk With Continuous Process Improvement


reduction in costs for accounts payable processing


reduction in costs for dispute processing

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Seamless Standardization Across Your Enterprise

Efficiency Manager applications – part of a single platform – are designed to streamline processes in specific departments across your enterprise, making the entire organization more agile, productive and effective. 

Statistics are based on analysis of user experiences.

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