Accelerate Your Loan Process

Your borrowers expect their loans to be processed quickly and accurately. LoanComplete™ from Fiserv is a life-of-loan solution that automatically tracks documents, identifies loan data defects, and ensures compliance using AI- and RPA-based technologies.

LoanComplete empowers staff decision making through data-driven automation. Here's how:


Captures documents and data through intelligent character recognition (ICR), AI and machine learning

Reads the document just as your eye would

Converts 100 percent of text with over 3,000 built-in data extraction rules

Offers high-volume processing (averaging 1 page/second)


Verifies loan data accuracy by automating “stare and compare” tasks

Provides rules analysis 
using multiple sources of data

Increases accuracy and completeness 
of loan records


Helps manage exceptions by displaying error conditions

Flags missing data and data mismatches early, accelerating loan review and delivery

Reduces lender buyback risks

Increases staff productivity


Standardizes loan file audit reviews and controls

Automatically tracks required loan documents

Ensures audits are complete and alerts staff

Enhances compliance, reporting and transparency


Enables straight-through processing

Delivers loan documents electronically
through tight integration

Speeds up loan processing
by an average of 32%


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Accelerate Your Loan Process with LoanComplete

Also available as a cloud-based offering, LoanComplete captures, manages, processes and shares content throughout the life of each loan to eliminate manual data entry and validation, improve accuracy and ensure compliance. By streamlining loan processing, you can scale your business more cost-effectively, empower better decisions, reduce operating costs and increase borrower satisfaction.

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