CorPoint: Deposit Manager for Merchants

Eliminate many of the labor-intensive and risky steps associated with manual cash deposit processes with CorPoint®: Deposit Manager for Merchants from Fiserv.


Most merchants still manually collect and count cash for deposit, then send an employee or an armored truck to the bank to deliver the cash. This slow and error-prone method of handling cash deposits also doesn't provide an easy way to reconcile store totals with the bank or protect against theft. To reduce risk and improve cash flow, merchants need a cash automation and management system that offers system efficiencies and business intelligence analytics.

CorPoint: Deposit Manager for Merchants is an advanced, integrated cash deposit solution that streamlines deposit handling and helps reduce deposit-related costs. As retail personnel deposit cash into smart safe devices, Deposit Manager for Merchants tracks the status of cash deposits and provides detailed information about each location, including denominations and cashier totals. It works with all types of smart safes and any armored truck providers, so you can choose the vendors that best fit your business requirements. 

Deposit Manager for Merchants integrates with smart safe technology and lets you deploy the same smart safe hardware across the enterprise. This enables Deposit Manager for Merchants to improve security, increase cash availability and provide fingertip balance and reconciliation reporting. Thanks to remote cash capture management, it gathers data that can be used to efficiently schedule deposit deliveries with armored truck providers.

Deposit Manager for Merchants offers elite deposit management tracking and improves deposit visibility for all retail locations across even the largest organization.


CorPoint: Deposit Manager for Merchants is designed to streamline the cash deposit process and reduce the risk associated with manually counting, collecting and delivering cash. Features include:

  • Same-day provisional credit for cash deposited into your organization's smart safe to improve cash flow and availability
  • Support for various armored vendors' existing remote cash capture data feeds so your organization can contract with your preferred armored truck provider
  • Support for any type and any number of certified smart safes to capture encrypted electronic deposit information and send it to your financial institution's core banking system
  • Tracking of smart safe data to reduce the need for frequent deposit deliveries via armored truck
  • Sophisticated online reporting and deposit histories available 24x7
  • Available as either a standalone or hosted solution

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