Intelligent retail cash management systems like CorPoint® from Fiserv help retailers reduce cash loss from shrinkage, enhance security for employees and customers, and save money by automating the cash handling and reconciliation process.

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Our Solution

CorPoint provides a flexible, web-based solution to centrally manage cash for your retail chain stores. Retailers can lease or purchase smart safe and recycler solutions directly from Fiserv.

With CorPoint, retailers access a versatile automated cash management solution that works with any safe or armored car vendor. Cashiers safely deposit cash and coins into a smart safe, which counts, validates, and secures the monies to reduce manual cash handling, errors and risk of internal theft.

Owners and managers receive real-time alerts about device and transaction exceptions from a secure CorPoint web portal on any supported mobile device.

Retailers have an audit-level view of smart safe deposits, balances and pickups, as well as pending and historical change orders. CorPoint also automates 

Find out how much you can save by automating cash management with CorPoint from Fiserv

provisional credit postings to improve free cash flow. These features, combined with the ability to remotely manage safe configurations, help streamline retail cash management and reduce costly on-site service calls.

Choose CorPoint to:

  • Control, monitor and measure each store's performance with online access to all locations and business intelligence reporting
  • Reduce shrinkage, liability and risks to employees and the store with real-time fraud alerts on cash deposits and discrepancies
  • Reduce staff labor by eliminating hours counting and prepping deposits
  • Lower bank and transportation fees on discrepancies and cut down on armored car services
  • Manage costs with flexible hardware lease or purchase options
  • Flexibly work with any armored carrier or smart safe solution


  • Enterprise view of cash orders and deposits by cashier, till and denomination for all store locations on a single web-based platform
  • Real-time fraud alerts on cash deposits and discrepancies
  • Easily create and share reports with flexible business intelligence
  • Electronic posting of daily cash deposits to bank systems facilitates same-day credit
  • Place cash orders via web portal or automated phone system
  • Centrally update common smart safe configurations with remote cash management capabilities to avoid on-site service calls

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