eFichency for Credit Unions

eFichency℠ for Credit Unions from Fiserv allows for organized document archiving while reducing costs and streamlining operational efficiency.


Document archiving is a necessary practice that can be very cumbersome and time-consuming. eFichency for Credit Unions from Fiserv saves your credit union time and effort by streamlining document archiving processes and reducing operating costs while increasing staff productivity. This imaging solution can help your credit union notice an immediate boost in workflow with easy access to reports, faster research capabilities and electronic document generation. Member research requests can be achieved at a moment's notice, providing an immediate response that can strengthen member relationships and retention rates.

eFichency enables document collecting via a scanner, digital camera or automated feed from other products. Once the document image is captured it is immediately indexed within a secure repository and can be exported into various applications in a matter of days. Once created, reports are accessible anytime. The solution has increased security settings for any material deemed confidential, which restricts viewing capabilities to a defined workgroup based on user ID.

With eFichency your credit union can save time, resources and money while reducing storage needs. Do away with the futile use of time and resources needed to retrieve, copy, fax and ship documents between branches. eFichency interfaces with multiple Fiserv account processing solutions for photo and signature retrieval, document generation and statement access.  eFichency enables your credit union to handle all of your archiving needs and document organization without burdening your staff, resources or your budget.


  • Speeds response time to member requests
  • Provides secure anytime access to your reports and documents
  • Enables online storage with simple "click and drag" capture of files
  • Protects member data 24x7 through 128-bit encryption and SSL technology
  • Allows multiple users to access reports and documents simultaneously

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