Web Signatures for Credit Unions

Web Signatures for Credit Unions from Fiserv brings convenience to your members and credit union by offering the convenience of signing pertinent documents anytime and anywhere mobile access is available.


Documentation is a necessary part of doing business and in some cases, like opening a new account or processing a loan, the amount of required documents is significant for both the credit union and member. The signature process requires signatures from the member and credit union, and based on the availability of both parties to sign, can delay processing. Web Signatures provides credit unions an efficient, secure way to process these documents while saving costs, time and effort. With Web Signatures, credit unions can generate documents from dedicated Fiserv account processors and ease the burden of capturing signatures with only a few clicks.

Members can securely upload required documentation from the comfort of their home and avoid waiting for items to arrive in the mail. They can also review and sign-off on the go and never again have to worry about being at a certain place and time to sign and return documents. Overall, the timely delivery that Web Signatures offers credit unions and members will help business processes move faster and increase efficiency.

All documents are encrypted come with a certificate of completion that details each signing event. The certificates are then stored alongside the processed document for quick and easy reference. The integrity of each document is ensured with multifactor signer authentication and end-to-end encryption. Web Signatures also comes equipped with a carbon copy feature that allows you to send members copies of their documents in a secure envelope via certified delivery.

Web Signatures allows you to take member service to new heights. Available in an in-house and ASP environment, your credit union can now handle signatures quickly and efficiently.


  • Capture document signatures generated from your account processing solution and Loancierge® for Credit Unions online or in the branch
  • Decrease wait time to complete a new account or loan process
  • Receive notifications as documents are returned from the member
  • Queue documents in various stages of progress
  • Save time, paper and postal costs

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