Collections for Credit Unions

Collections for Credit Unions from Fiserv is an easy-to-use, robust, flexible, yet cost-effective collections solution that enables your staff to efficiently collect delinquent loans and negative accounts.


Collections for Credit Unions brings efficiency to the critical and time-sensitive effort of settling delinquent loans or negative accounts. Collections is an easy-to-use solution that integrates directly with your Fiserv account processing platform and grants collectors access through Active Directory allowing each collector to leverage their same system ID and password. This real-time solution provides a 360-degree view of the member relationship, making it easy to access the information necessary to collect on all of your delinquent accounts. As an added benefit, this solution also offers the ability to custom-fit work queues to help streamline your collections department workflow.  

Equipped with logical work flows, your collectors can record notes relating back to all collection activity and track member interactions regarding promises to pay. Individualized communications such as letters or emails can be generated from within the system using pre-defined templates approved by your credit union. Batch letter and/or email generation along with transmissions is also offered by the collections solution, which will instantly save your credit union time and effort over manual processes.


  • Real-time information reduces time and effort
  • Automation and flexibility allows for effortless assigning of loans to a collector
  • Integrates with multiple Fiserv account processing platforms

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