Event Alerting

Notifi from Fiserv delivers real-time alerts from multiple systems, including account processing and online banking, to any device or system based upon the financial institution and its customers' or members' preferences.


Notifi enables financial institutions' customers and members to choose what they want to be alerted about, how they receive those alerts (email, text and push notification), and where they receive alerts (mobile devices and email addresses).

Events: Technology Everywhere, All the Time

Events occur throughout the day for consumers and businesses – from a point-of-sale transaction at a local coffee shop to a business originating payroll files. Financial institution events include when a wire transfer is completed, an ACH payment fails or a balance drops below a certain threshold. Online and mobile banking events include a mobile deposit, a scheduled payment being cancelled, a password changed and more.

Each event represents an opportunity to engage your customer or member. Those engagements, in the form of automated alerts, build stronger relationships, reducing attrition and increasing profitability.

Alerts: Pushing Technology

Alerts sent to financial institutions' customers and members enable decision making, provide information and reduce fraud risk. For example, low balance alerts warn consumers to put more money into an account while notifications of deposits can offer peace of mind.

"Push" notifications have become a prevalent marketing and customer/member management tool. These notifications are most valuable to financial institutions when consumers can initiate a response within a secure app, in real-time. For instance, instead of simply notifying a customer or member of a low account balance, the alert includes a response option to transfer funds using the mobile device. This deepens the customer's or member's engagement level, provides greater customer control and ultimately increases their satisfaction.


Notifi can help financial institutions reduce costs, increase revenue and meet business needs in several ways, including:

  • Putting your customers' or members' needs first: No one knows their personal financial needs better than that individual. Consumers who receive real-time, actionable alerts are enabled to immediately make the best decisions possible 
  • Decrease customer servicing costs: Consumers self-administer which alerts to receive and when, where and how to receive them, decreasing costs related to servicing customers and accounts and freeing staff to focus on other revenue-generating activities
  • Lower costs due to fraud exposure: Receiving real-time alerts on unusual activity can catch potential fraud quickly; notifying customers of questionable activity reduces fraud exposure windows
  • New revenue opportunities: NSF alerts help communicate the need for consumers to use overdraft protection plans. Research indicates that consumers receiving bill pay alerts generate higher-than-average transaction activity
  • Customer engagement and retention: Innovative solutions automate and simplify customers' lives, helping to keep them engaged long term while notifications increase touchpoints and calls to action
  • Real-time integration: A single events and alerts solution integrated across your existing and future technology investments creates synergy, efficiency and increases the ROI of every system interacting with Notifi
  • Front and back office event triggers: Supporting alerts across multiple systems and lines of business centrally enables automation of your sales, service and management oversight processes, increasing efficiency, consistency, service satisfaction, cross-sales success and overall customer goodwill

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