Improve Data Access to Drive Decisions

Translate the wealth of data at your disposal into efficiency gains, strategic insights and personalized experiences.

Fiserv is Focused on:

Connecting data
from various systems

Making it easy to discover
relevant insights

Putting data at your fingertips
when you need it

Organize Data for Better Analysis and Informed Decision Making

Fiserv offers comprehensive data storage and information management solutions, hosted or on-premise, that integrate with robust analytical and reporting tools to create a powerful business intelligence framework.


Key fields trending


Aggregated third-party systems


Robust data dictionary


Elevated data quality and governance


Easy data visualizations


Self-service dashboard creation

Leverage Your Data to Win

Prevent fraud

Bring together data from identity verification systems and access-point intelligence. Use the patterns of past fraud to recognize current data patterns that should be investigated – so you can take action on potential fraud in real time

Manage credit risk

The key to managing credit risk is to use analytics to understand – in real time – what’s happening to your balance sheet. At the center of this is a data warehouse that creates a framework to organize data for better analysis and decision making

Solve business problems

Provide dashboards focused on specific questions people across your organization need to answer. We’re building business purpose-focused data in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand form that your team can leverage at the right time

Looking Toward the Future


By choosing Fiserv, you’re partnering with an organization with access to data from thousands of financial institutions using our solutions. We’re working to safely anonymize and aggregate this information, so we can put your data in context – showing you how you compare with others in a similar market space.

Financial institutions can leverage these aggregate insights to:

  •  Understand emerging opportunities
  •  Predict threats
  •  Identify areas they should be focused on

Luther Burbank Savings Efficiently Manages Data

Leaders at Luther Burbank Savings rely on Fiserv to aggregate and manage data into a single source, and provide a 100 percent automated end-to-end data warehouse solution.

  • Access data and produce reports in minutes
  • Monitor customer demographics
  • Identify account relationships
  • Understand transaction activity
  • Realize channel adoption and utilization