Connected Teller for Signature

Connected Teller™ is a smart-client companion to Aperio™ for Signature®, our cross-channel customer experience platform. It empowers tellers to become an extension of your sales team, and fosters a sales culture throughout your organization.


In today's evolving financial services market, managing customer relationships and offering relevant products across multiple channels are more important than ever. Connected Teller for Signature from Fiserv helps support these goals right from the teller line.

While teller operations are still necessary in the ever changing multi-channel banking environment, they don't typically generate profit. And yet, the branch is still the primary place for your staff to have face-to-face interaction with customers. Where better to initiate a sales dialogue? The branch can become a true sales outlet when tellers are equipped with the right tools and training to take on a more sales-oriented role. Connected Teller provides tellers with customer-centric sales tools that help them improve service and take an active role in boosting revenue.

As part of the overall Aperio approach, Connected Teller encourages your frontline staff to shift from a transactions-only mindset to one that is focused on the customer. The solution arms your tellers with customer-specific knowledge that helps them ask questions targeted to customers' specific needs, and to make customers feel welcome throughout their interactions. This new frontline focus can help your financial institution:

  • Win customers' business
  • Improve bank brand image
  • Maintain customer loyalty
  • Influence word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction


  • Enables tellers to spot sales opportunities, initiate conversations and create leads
  • Shows tellers a list of all engagements that have occurred between a customer and your financial institution, across all channels
  • Displays records of events your financial institution deems to be defining moments in a customer
  • Provides customer data as a supplement to transaction data, enabling the teller to know the customer better
  • Prompts the teller to deliver relevant and actionable sales and service campaigns

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