Business Continuity Services for Premier

A comprehensive array of recovery, testing and business continuity consulting services, this hosted solution can help you satisfy regulatory requirements regarding disaster preparedness and safeguard your financial institution's ability to resume or continue normal operations if catastrophe strikes.


Making sure your financial institution can recover from disaster is both crucial and challenging, especially as operations become more complex and regulations more stringent. Given this context, the advantages of hot-site disaster recovery services like those offered by Fiserv have never been greater.

Business Continuity Services for Premier® from Fiserv are hosted at a production data center with state-of-the-art security and redundant sources of power and communication. We provide you with direct access to Premier software experts, who actively assist during all testing and recovery efforts. A great option for clients operating on the Premier bank platform, our recovery services offer significant advantages.


  • Comprehensive services: The services available include enterprise and application server recovery, item processing, secure file transfer, telephone banking, network services, XRoads (for ACH and check transmission), printing and rendering services, recovery testing, online backup and recovery, on-site recovery services and business continuity consulting. Business Continuity for Premier is the most comprehensive business continuity solution in the industry
  • Preloaded software: Unlike disaster recovery providers that require you to provide your own software and build recovery systems from scratch, we house a library of Premier software at our recovery center, preloaded and ready to go, significantly reducing testing and recovery time
  • Mainframe options: The solution supports core account processing on either an IBM or Unisys hardware platform, and clients can opt to switch mainframes without incurring a contractual penalty

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