Secure Managed Services

Secure Managed Services from Fiserv offers technology solutions focused on fully outsourced IT services allowing you to focus on your strategic business initiatives while Fiserv securely manages your technology needs. 

We bring financial institutions cloud-based, automated, secure solutions and take on the management of your IT so you can focus on your business goals. Secure Managed Services include end-to-end cloud and on-premise infrastructure management, unified communications, networking and cybersecurity. 

We help our clients:

  • Manage single points of failure
  • Maintain a consistent IT team for day-to-day operations supporting your existing team
  • Enable strategic growth
  • Maintain 24/7/365 support for all areas of technology
  • Put an end to worries about staff shortages and turnover

Our Solutions


CyberProtect helps protect against cyberattacks specifically targeting your financial institution's vulnerabilities. The solution provides 24/7 monitoring of your endpoints, networks and cloud environments to help you detect, respond and recover from accelerating cyberattacks. 


Sentry from Fiserv enables you to deliver and maintain a high-performance IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable and optimized for maximum speed and efficiency.

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