Transaction Content Manager

Transaction Content Manager from Fiserv provides a fully automated environment in which to process items from virtually any source. Features such as integration with Image Content Manager from Fiserv and duplicate review give your financial institution more control over processing check images.


Available for Precision, Premier, Signature

Time-consuming manual tasks associated with item processing are simplified, automated or even eliminated with Transaction Content Manager. In the case of larger banks, what might be a two-hour file import process can now be trimmed to as little as 15 minutes. Substantial time savings at each stage of processing results in your cashletters going out sooner.

Or you can perform processing tasks manually. You have the power to configure Transaction Content Manager to support the way your organization works best.

Transaction Content Manager contains all the features you need for item processing:

  • Versatile sort pattern functionality
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Email notification
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Flexible data retention

From small community banks to large, multi-tenant data centers, this solution accommodates any size file load and expedites processing.


  • Prevent errors: The sort pattern function helps prevent processing errors
  • Save time: Automation reduces or eliminates manual tasks
  • Get the big picture: Real-time monitoring and on-demand reporting provide a complete picture of your processing activity
  • Gain greater control: Integration with Image Content Manager gives you more control over check images of questionable quality and usability

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