Image Content Manager

Financial institutions are often dependent on other organizations and sources to send high-quality, usable electronic images – and that doesn't always happen. This add-on solution to Transaction Content Manager from Fiserv alerts your staff when it detects problematic check images.


Available for Precision, Premier, Signature

Working with the Transaction Content Manager electronic check processing system, Image Content Manager from Fiserv provides a completely automated process for validating the quality and usability of check images. This solution examines all electronic checks sent by other correspondents and third-party systems, notifying your staff when it detects questionable images, such as those with image-MICR mismatches. Other than reviewing suspect items, there are no additional manual tasks to perform.

Image Content Manager is the interface from Transaction Content Manager to the Fiserv OEM Toolkit, which contains the same Image Inspection engine used in Source Capture Solutions® products. Together, Image Content Manager and Transaction Content Manager give your financial institution everything needed to accurately process electronic checks and other deposited items from outside sources.


  • Inspect questionable items: Staff can stop the automated review process to examine questionable images
  • Return unusable images: Your financial institution won't get stuck with problematic check images sent by correspondent banks
  • Provide better customer service: Ensure the accuracy of your customers' account statements
  • Cut costs: Eliminate the expense of running traditional CAR/LAR review by a third-party system

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