Communicator Advantage

Satisfy your customers' need for real-time, integrated experiences with Communicator Advantage from Fiserv. 


Your customers' financial needs are typically at the center of life's challenges and adventures. Embracing "openness" can put you in a position to support your customers' financial needs regardless of where or when the need arises. With the right technology and planning, openness can create a better digital experience, now and in the future.

Communicator Advantage facilitates the real-time flow of data and transactions through all your channels, platforms and systems. Integrated solutions help you satisfy customer expectations and leverage the possibilities driven by digitization. Using Communicator Advantage, you can convert ideas into business logic and extend banking in ways that can generate income and make customers' lives better and easier.


The integration framework and business services of Communicator Advantage share information between your bank platform, business applications, customer channels and third-party service providers. You can use this accessible environment to create connected products that extend as a platform, converting ideas into business logic to provide a truly unified customer experience.

Communicator Advantage is a long-term, strategic expenditure that modernizes and extends your current system investments and provides a solid base for you to expand upon.


With Communicator Advantage, you'll achieve the integration and system transparency needed for the real-time market.  Benefits include:

  • Enables open banking 
  • Facilitates real-time communication between solutions 
  • Enables the consolidation of information from multiple systems 
  • Simplifies integration 
  • Gives you greater flexibility to customize and differentiate the customer experience 
  • Improves speed to market

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