Data Vaulting

Data Vaulting™ from Fiserv is a disk-based data protection solution that automates data backup and storage, and supports regulatory compliance. It offers advanced, end-to-end encryption, greater efficiency and convenience, and flexible deployment options.


Financial institutions face explosive growth in the amount of business-critical data they manage, as well as increasing regulatory burdens related to data security and retention. Tape-based backup and manual processes are not only cumbersome, but also subject to failure at many points. Data Vaulting is a great alternative, especially for organizations that already rely on Fiserv for account processing. This disk-based solution, powered by the popular EVault platform, offers many advantages.


  • Flexible deployment options: Clients can choose Data Vaulting services, an outsourced, pay-as-you-go subscription model, or they can opt to deploy the solution on-site by licensing and implementing either the Data Vaulting software or a Data Vaulting appliance, an all-in-one-solution that includes hardware, software and operating system. These on-site deployment methods also can be combined with Data Vaulting services to provide an off-site, replicated copy of backup data
  • Superior security and faster access to data: Advanced end-to-end encryption during transport and storage ensures the security of your data. Files are automatically transmitted to a highly secure Fiserv data center, and mirrored to a second for full fail-over redundancy. In case of disaster, data can be quickly recovered, because there's no need to transport physical tapes. Files are located and streamed over a WAN connection
  • Greater efficiency and convenience: Automated backup eliminates manual processes, saving time and effort. Data deduplication and compression minimize disk storage requirements, and bandwidth throttling optimizes the use of network bandwidth. Backups are managed and monitored through an intuitive, centralized interface, accessible from anywhere with a web browser
  • Compliance made easy: Satisfy key regulatory requirements for data protection and access, and respond quickly and easily to auditors' requests
  • Resources and track record of Fiserv: Leverage the unlimited scalability of the Fiserv cloud, and enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of entrusting the protection of your critical data to a technology partner you already know and rely on

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