Managed Network Services for Cleartouch

Managed Network Services for Cleartouch® from Fiserv provides performance management, network design services, monitoring and management reports to ensure that clients’ technology infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency.


Managed Network Services provides clients with reliable network design, installation, 24x7 monitoring, capacity planning, and management reporting and services from certified experts. An optional module enables clients to view network information in real time via a secure website.

From the days of dial-up modems to analog connections, frame relay and the latest technology, MPLS, our company’s status as one of AT&T’s largest customers has provided us with several advantages, from a cost and service standpoint. As technology evolves and the applications our clients deploy become more sophisticated, our expertise helps you focus on your business objectives instead of an increasingly complex network infrastructure.

The networks utilized by our clients are becoming critical to their operations as more and more applications are added and business processes are changed to take advantage of technology. The network management expertise of Fiserv, coupled with two levels of Web-based reporting, delivers an unbeatable combination to clients seeking to cope with an increasingly complex network infrastructure.

Managed Network Services is a comprehensive network management solution:

  • Complete design, integration and installation services
  • Network and IT hardware provisioning
  • Voice network integration
  • 24x7 proactive monitoring
  • Certified technicians and analysts
  • Frame relay utilization reports
  • Router availability and utilization reports
  • Telephone technical support
  • Proven expertise
  • Reduced overall capital costs through outsourcing
  • Single source for all support needs
  • Web-based network status for real-time information


  • Network design: With Managed Network Services you can rely on Fiserv experts for all aspects of complex network projects
  • Network installations: The Installation team is responsible for ordering and coordinating the installation of telephone company circuits and associated router hardware, setting up network addresses and working with local providers to ensure everything is completed correctly and on time
  • Performance tracking: A key component of Network Management is the ability for clients to view network topology and status online via a secure website. See your network status on an easy-to-read executive dashboard, with real-time information. This information is also captured for monthly management reporting, aiding you in capacity planning and facilitating the growth of your network
  • Proactive fault monitoring and determination: Managed Network Services includes active monitoring of customer networks, using state-of-the-art management tools and skilled personnel in our Network Operations Center all day, every day. This 24x7 presence allows Fiserv to identify, isolate and potentially eliminate problems before they impact your network

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