Relationship Pricing for Cleartouch

Relationship Pricing℠ for Cleartouch® helps you design and deliver profitable relationship plans that reward your customers for banking with you. A flexible foundation allows you to customize program requirements and reward options to suit all types of customers and relationships.


Relationship Pricing for Cleartouch from Fiserv delivers the product sophistication, ease of use, enhanced customer service and return on investment that comes only with an integrated, real-time solution. Relationship Pricing provides extensive flexibility in defining product offerings and customer relationship plans. The foundation of Relationship Pricing allows you to be creative in designing relationship plans. Integrated plans are priced and service charged based on the type of relationship the customer has with your financial institution. Rewards are granted as premium interest rates, cash back and/or waived or reduced service charges.


Requirements that can be established include balances, products, customer relationships and aggregated balances. Type and frequency of transactions required for the account to receive a preferred rate or to reduce or waive service charges cross multiple channels.


You pick the plan the best suits you and your customer base. Numerous options are available for interest rate and fee waive rewards and for paying cash-back awards


  • Increase profitability: Design plans to make profitable customers more profitable
  • Influence customer behavior: Encourage desired customer behavior through behavior-based plans
  • An integrated solution: Rewards are aggregated and granted with the current statement cycle

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