New Accounts for Cleartouch

Built for performance and high-touch service, New Accounts for Cleartouch® from Fiserv starts with the customer not the account.


New Accounts  brings account opening capabilities into the smart client world of Cleartouch. Facilitate cross-sell opportunities with customized workflows, and reduce training with the simplified and familiar navigation delivered by Cleartouch.

New Accounts is built on a workflow foundation and supported by the role-based access and security administration that is part of Cleartouch.

Getting to Know Your Customer

The more you know about your customer, the better service you can provide. Whether it’s a new customer looking for a checking account, or an existing customer applying for a loan, New Accounts puts the customer at the center of the transaction to make your job easier.

Protecting customers and your financial institution against fraud and theft requires a solid customer verification process. New Accounts fully automates the verification process with seamless integration to eFunds for OFAC, ChexSystems and Qualifile screening.

Your customers and employees will appreciate the simple and fast process to open new accounts and add services to existing accounts. New Accounts is built for performance with intuitive navigation and a workflow environment that automates the account opening process. Step-by-step tasks are defined to ensure that specific functions are completed.

Cross-Selling at the Point of Sale

New Accounts presents a menu of products and services to the customer during a new account sales session, offering an excellent opportunity for cross sales. All products and services selected during this process are added to the session with a single click, similar to a shopping cart experience with online retailers.


  • Advanced integration: Integration with drivers license scanners and signature pads for increased efficiency and reduced risk
  • Internal control: Role-based access to ensure job-appropriate authority levels for all employees
  • Cross-selling capabilities: Automatically enroll customers in Retail Online and eStatements
  • Unmatched efficiency: Capability to open multiple accounts during the same session

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