AML Risk Manager

To protect themselves from financial crime, institutions must comply with four essential areas of an anti-money laundering risk management program: Know Your Customer (KYC); monitoring, detection and alerts; case management; and reporting. AML Risk Manager from Fiserv goes beyond standard transaction monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance and comprehensive AML risk management. 

As one of the most robust AML software solutions available, AML Risk Manager offers an adaptive approach to mitigate suspicious activity surrounding potential money laundering. This enables organizations to screen, risk-rate and collect KYC information on all clients and manage risk through ongoing monitoring and due diligence. Today, more than 1,000 financial institutions globally use AML solutions from Fiserv. 

AML Risk Manager leverages advanced analytics to minimize false positives and prioritize alerts. Organizations are able to achieve operational efficiencies through step-by-step alert management and investigation, built-in case management and configurable workflows.

AML Risk Manager also supports automated regulatory filing, such as FinCEN e-Filing, FINTRAC and more, as well as regulatory reporting for FATCA/CRS and SARS/STR.

AML Risk Manager helps you reduce risk and advance your anti-money laundering risk management program

Advanced analytics to detect previously hidden compliance risk

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Advanced detection techniques to identify more suspicious activity and reduce false positives

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KYC scoring incorporates onboarding information and post-investigation intelligence

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Tools to organize, prioritize and manage investigations, while creating a permanent audit record

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Superior beneficial ownership tools and link analysis to support compliance

Robust profiling capability, including rolling time periods

Superior watch list matching capabilities, including higher-volume processing and faster performance

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Automated management and regulatory reporting and dashboards

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Flexible platform that adapts to regulatory changes and optimizes operational efficiency

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