AML Risk Manager

Reduce risk and increase operational efficiency through accurate detection and prevention of money laundering


As organizations expand their digital service offerings to meet consumer demand, financial criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their schemes to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities. The stakes are high: along with hefty noncompliance fines and enforcement actions, the reputational damage from money-laundering can impact future revenue losses and operational costs.

Enterprise challenges impacting your AML program


Increasingly sophisticated schemes involving money laundering and terrorist financing

Impact to business from rising operational costs and increasingly difficult risk mitigation

Tightening requirements for risk management and beneficial ownership

Evolving, complex technologies and channels


Anti-money laundering solutions from Fiserv combine industry-leading architecture, analytics and investigation tools with deep AML and financial industry knowledge to help your organization reduce risk and advance your anti-money laundering risk management program. 

AML Risk Manager from Fiserv

An adaptive, comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional transaction monitoring to reduce the risk of money laundering, keep operational costs in check and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Screen, risk-rate and collect necessary know your customer (KYC) data for all transactions and manage risk through ongoing monitoring and due diligence
  • Leverage enhanced analytics to minimize false positives and prioritize alerts for more proactive detection and response
  • Mitigate compliance risk with the flexibility to adapt to regulatory changes, accelerate onboarding processes and continually optimize operational efficiency


AML Risk Manager provides the tools, solutions and expertise to support your AML and fraud programs today and in the future

Enhanced analytics to detect previously hidden compliance risk, minimizing false positives and prioritizing alerts to enhance operational efficiencies

High-volume matching and fast processing capabilities for watch list monitoring support regulatory compliance


Reduced false positives through proven monitoring techniques

Behavioral profiling of any entity, including counterparties

In-depth beneficial ownership capabilities that meet regulations

Customizable dashboards with up-to-date risk information

Coordinated and centralized method of managing and enforcing data capture through KYC due diligence questionnaires

Fully integrated regulatory reporting

Specialized anti-money laundering solutions for banks, credit unions, brokerages, insurance organizations and corporates




AML Risk Manager for Insurance

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AML Risk Manager for Investment Firms

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AML Risk Manager for Financial Institutions

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