AML Risk Manager for Investment Firms

Investment firms are closely monitored and regulated for money laundering and fraud. AML Risk Manager from Fiserv provides comprehensive capabilities to detect, alert, manage and report money laundering threats, enabling compliance officers to focus on investigation.

Our Solution

To meet anti-money laundering (AML) requirements and mitigate risks, compliance officers need to be armed with processes and technology suited to the specific needs and risks of investment firms. With its proven track record in the financial services industry, AML Risk Manager provides a risk-based approach based on your firm’s unique risk profile to help you quickly and cost effectively manage these challenges and meet your regulatory obligations.

AML Risk Manager provides advanced know your customer (KYC) capabilities, customer risk profiling, risk scoring, transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting.

Built on the award-winning Financial Crime Risk Management Platform from Fiserv, organizations can also easily add other Fiserv financial crime and fraud-related solutions for payment fraud detection, account takeover, market abuse and customer risk profiling from a single platform.

AML Risk Manager is a comprehensive solution that helps firms:

  • Streamline compliance operations to reduce costs
  • Improve investigation efficiency
  • Implement a risk-based approach to suspicious activity detection
  • Reduce false positives
  • Meet regulatory obligations
  • Country
  • International, United States
  • Solution
  • Fraud Risk & AML Compliance Management
  • Industry
  • Wealth Management
  • Published
  • February 2019

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