Prologue Financials

Prologue™ Financials from Fiserv, a fully integrated accounting solution, features enhanced, built-in automation and controls and a newly designed user interface, enabling users to increase the efficiency of financial accounting processes.

Our Solution

CFOs and controllers are under increasing regulatory and business pressure to report financials faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Yet manual accounting persists, even in the largest financial services companies. This is compounded by multiple systems resulting from acquisitions. Fiserv helps resolve these disconnects.


Prologue Financials is a general ledger software solution for medium-to-large financial services institutions that automates and streamlines accounting processes. Users of Prologue Financials have reduced the effort required to perform routine daily functions by up to 90%, shortened month-end close time by up to 70%, and reduced AP invoice processing costs by up to $10/invoice.


  • Real-time account processing, instant correction and automatic journal entry reversals
  • Maintain and track detailed audit trails
  • The ability to create user-defined financial reports
  • Advanced analytics and expanded data mart
  • Management dashboards
  • Automated FinCEN e-Filing

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