Prologue Financials Fixed Assets

Prologue Financials Fixed Assets from Fiserv makes the asset accounting process more efficient, accurate and secure. It provides a complete picture of your assets in one application – right down to the location of each computer, chair and filing cabinet. 

Prologue Financials Fixed Assets offers a comprehensive, centralized source for fixed assets management. All fixed assets information is conveniently housed in a single, organized system that provides accurate information about any asset at any time. Prologue Financials Fixed Assets is fully integrated with the Prologue Financials General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Procurement applications from Fiserv.

Download the brochure to learn what Prologue Financials Fixed Assets can do for you:

  • Instant access to accurate information about every fixed asset in your organization
  • Valuable budgeting insight from depreciation forecasting 
  • Seamless integration with other Prologue Financials applications 
  • Integration with Fiserv account processing platforms and other core systems
  • Improved management control through comprehensive reporting
  • In-house and hosted options to suit your needs 
  • Confident asset management through powerful security and audit features


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