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Today's cyberattacks are designed to be fast-moving. Malware and ransomware can infect a single device in a matter of minutes. They are designed to move laterally through the network. Between when you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, your organization can lose access to the data and systems that support your business operations. It's important for financial institutions to stay informed about the latest threats, how threat attackers work and reliable options for prevention, detection and remediation. To help you do this, we have created a series of on-demand webinars featuring our cybersecurity experts. Browse the content below and fill in the form provided with your suggestions for upcoming topics. 

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What Every Marketing Leader Should Know About How to Protect Their Brand Assets

The use of mobile banking apps has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a CNBC article, spring of 2020 produced an 85 percent increase in mobile banking traffic and new mobile banking registrations jumped 200 percent. The FBI warned of exploitation due to the 50 percent surge in mobile banking applications in early 2020.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of increased use of mobile data and applications to spoof real sites and steal accountholder data. Now more than ever, you need to protect your financial institution’s brand assets from these types of cyberattacks.

During this event our cyber experts will discuss:

  • Why detection of brand-impersonating domains for your organization is crucial
  • The importance of real-time alerts when phishing campaigns go live
  • A system for ongoing monitoring of suspicious look-alike domains
  • Examples of how financial institutions have successfully remediated this type of criminal activity


Webinar Archives

Demystifying Azure Sentinel: How to Maximize the Value of Your Existing Microsoft Investments

Does your network infrastructure plan include migration to the cloud and utilization of Microsoft Azure? Does your business productivity strategy include the use of Office365? Whether you currently use Azure or are evaluating the cost/benefit of a move to the cloud, this webinar provides information and insight on how to maximize the value of your existing Microsoft investments and implement the native security controls already available to you.

Our experts discuss Microsoft 365 Defender capabilities and demystify Azure Sentinel, Microsoft’s cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM). Walk away with a clear path to optimizing enterprise bundle licensing investments, including:

  • How to begin your Microsoft security journey regardless of the solutions you currently have implemented
  • A plan to realize immediate ROI with Defender for Endpoint and Azure Sentinel
  • Examples of how to provide optimal security coverage while minimizing end-user time and effort using automation with Azure Sentinel

An Intelligence-Based Approach To Reducing Your Third-Party Cyber Risk

Outsourcing critical business systems and services is one of the fastest-growing security risks to an organization's sensitive data. In fact, according to a Ponemon study, 61% of all data breaches in 2019 involved third-party vendors. Surprisingly, most organizations are solely focused on internal cybersecurity controls without keeping an eye on risks from outside their four walls. During this webinar, our cybersecurity experts discuss:

  • A process for determining cyber risks for your entire third-party ecosystem
  • What an effective third-party cyber risk program looks like
  • Why a point-in-time cyber risk approach is no longer sufficient
  • How a robust third-party cyber risk solution will help your overall vendor risk program

What Every Financial Institution Should Know About Cybersecurity Preparedness

Cyber events require an organized response. When an attack happens, how you respond and how quickly you react can greatly influence the impact of the attack on your organization, finances and reputation. Cybersecurity events are not resolved in a vacuum. Response often requires a joint effort between technical and non-technical teams in order to address all facets of risk posed to the organization. During this webcast our expert helps you better understand:

  • The questions you should be asking about the current state of your cyber protection
  • How being proactive can help reduce business interruption
  • How to identify security gaps

When Ransomware Strikes: The Steps To Take When Faced With A Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is growing faster than ever. Once cybercriminals gain your trust, malware is used to gain control of your assets, move laterally to more critical assets or simply remain there to plan for future attacks. It's important for you to know how to set up your defenses to protect from these attacks and what to do when ransomware strikes. During this webinar our presenters cover:

  • What does an attack mean for businesses like yours?
  • What are the immediate steps you should (and shouldn't) take to mitigate harm to your business operations and infrastructure?
  • What should you NOT do when faced with an attack?
  • What should you do now to build your defenses?

Preparing For Cybersecurity Threats You’ll Face In 2020

Being aware of the threat landscape can help you understand how best to build your defenses to combat them. In this webinar you will hear our cybersecurity experts reveal:

  • A look back at the cybersecurity threats from 2019
  • The threat landscape for 2020
  • Trends in ransomware, malware and other viruses
  • The state of cyber threats aimed at financial institutions
  • Steps to take to stay ahead of the attackers

The Anatomy of a Cyberattack

Ransomware is a prevalent and extremely profitable form of attack that is spreading at an alarming rate. Recent reports indicate there is a ransomware attack every 14 seconds. Unfortunately, financial institutions are prime targets. Make no mistake, your institution is at risk. Once even a single victim's computer is infected, ransomware can expand and hold an entire organization hostage. An attack can cause downtime, data loss and possible intellectual property theft, bringing your organization to its knees. The good news is you can tailor your cybersecurity defenses to put you in the best possible position to limit your institution's exposure to the risk of serious cyberattacks.

Has Compliance Caught up With Security?

We know compliance has never really been a good measure of real security. There is a discrepancy between the inadequate understanding of cybersecurity and point-in-time reports versus real-time visibility, awareness and plan to contain attacks. This disparity has always been clear to CISOs and IT security professionals, but measures have never been taken to better align compliance with security.  Is this finally changing? 

During this webinar, we will discuss the current state of cybersecurity regulations and what the future regulatory landscape is going to look like. We will also explore specific new mandates, what they mean in the real-word and what the financial services industry is doing to respond.

Tales From the Dark Web

Cybercriminals are well-funded, organized and increasingly sophisticated, leveraging dark web chat forums and government-grade software tools. Few know this better than former CTO and Senior Special Agent of the FBI's Cyber Division, Milan Patel. Milan has seen those cyberattacks firsthand and has led numerous high-profile cyber investigations.

During this webinar Milan, along with Fiserv security consultant, Nayan Patel, will share these tales and the cybersecurity trends every financial institution needs to know to combat the evolving threat landscape.

Intelligent Cyber Defenses

Stop threats before they cause damage

Equip your financial institution to identify and defend against today's advanced cyberthreats. Maintain your data and reputation using secure, easily managed services that ease compliance and audit burdens, and deliver maximum security while minimizing cost.

Threat actors are leveraging big data and advanced techniques to identify and target the unique vulnerabilities of institutions.

Learn about the role that orchestration and other techniques play in defending against increasingly sophisticated, evolving and frequent cyber attacks, and how CyberProtectSM is bringing advanced cybersecurity to financial institutions of all sizes.

Need advanced threat intelligence and managed detection and response (MDR)?

For financial institutions of all sizes needing advanced threat intelligence or always-on detection and incident response services, Fiserv provides CyberProtect, a next-generation security platform previously available to only the largest banks and government agencies.

CyberProtect is offered in partnership with BlueVoyant and provides proactive detection combined with real-time remediation, event orchestration, an interactive portal and compliance solutions backed 24/7 by world-class experts in geographically diverse security operations centers.

Find Out How to Protect Your Financial Institution From Increasing Cyberthreats

It's important to invest in a cyber security platform created specifically for financial institutions to best fortify your cyber defenses. Learn why you should partner with cyber security experts who can manage your cyber security for you while you focus on other initiatives that bring value and growth to your organization. 

Complete the form to connect with our experts and learn more about CyberProtect.

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