CyberProtectSM from Fiserv delivers intelligent security built to outpace the increasingly sophisticated threats your institution faces every day. 

CyberProtect helps protect against cyberattacks specifically targeting your financial institution's vulnerabilities. The solution provides 24/7 monitoring of your endpoints, networks and cloud environments to help you detect, respond and recover from accelerating cyberattacks. This enables you to focus your valuable IT resources on business growth and strategic opportunities rather than monitoring, managing and maintaining disparate cybersecurity modules.

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CyberProtect is designed to protect your institution from increasingly targeted cyberattacks and fast-moving threats orchestrated by agile and well-funded adversaries. Fiserv offers CyberProtect in partnership with BlueVoyant to provide next-generation cybersecurity capabilities to financial institutions of all sizes.

If you had a cybersecurity breach, would you know it?

On average, it takes 206 days for a U.S. company to detect a data breach (Anatomy of a Cyber Attack, BlueVoyant, 2020). Attacks can happen in seconds causing millions of dollars in damage or losses, not to mention the negative impact on company reputation and loss in customer confidence. Understanding your security posture, having 24/7 monitoring and immediate remediation could save you from the loss and humiliation that come with a breach. CyberProtect can help you with all of this. Fill in the form to the right to contact our staff for a portal demo.

Unrivaled Expertise

CyberProtect provides a level of protection, designed by industry and cybersecurity veterans, that was previously available to only the largest banks and government agencies.

  • CyberProtect provides early detection, managed detection and response (MDR), network monitoring, deception technology, remediation and threat intelligence – freeing you to focus on other business priorities

  • Geographically diverse security operations centers (SOC) staffed by cybersecurity experts from the world's top agencies – including the FBI, the National Security Agency (NSA), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and Israeli Intelligence Unit 8200 – deliver 24/7 network monitoring

  • A user-friendly client portal, specifically designed for financial institutions, provides plain-English and context-rich information about incidents and vulnerabilities

  • The CyberProtect dashboard simplifies compliance, audit and reporting preparation processes by providing easy access to all the cybersecurity data required to meet auditors' demands

Be Prepared for Increasing Cyberthreats

Defend against evolving cyberattackers, stop breaches before they start and gather threat intelligence to prevent future threats.

Prior to CyberProtect, it was as if we had 4 or 5 Lamborghinis that we didn't know how to drive and now with CyberProtect, they have been replaced by one Tesla that drives itself! We have already seen a 40% reduction in costs and 100% increase in security awareness and incident response.

- Brandon Harvey, Senior Director of Technology, Northwest Community Credit Union


The Tools Credit Unions Are Using to Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals

Criminals have gotten smarter. They're able to infiltrate credit union systems at points that didn't even exist a few short years ago. This makes protection harder, until now.

Northwest Community Credit Union has found the right tools for optimal protection, improved productivity and lower costs all while providing their members exceptional service. 


How Banks Are Addressing the Increase in Cyberattacks

The rise in cyberattacks has changed the way banks do business. Ponce Bank has implemented a security strategy that provides the highest level of protection while allowing them to stay focused on business objectives that give their customers the best possible banking experiences.

Years ago, we used products that were delivering cybersecurity protection relative to known attacks. Today with CyberProtect, we are able to identify not only known attacks but activity that is being monitored and identified as potential risks to the bank. CyberProtect tells us not only what those threats are, but eliminates them at the time of the threat.

- Elizabeth Macias, CISO, Ponce Bank

CyberProtect Provides Complete Coverage

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Managed Security

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24/7 Coverage

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Real-Time Remediation

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Third-Party Cyber Risk

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Digital Risk Protection

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Compliance Reporting

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Identity Protection

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Managed Security

Access one comprehensive platform

The data security stakes are higher than ever before. The ability to protect sensitive data from increasingly targeted cyberattacks and fast-moving threats is critical to being a trusted financial institution.

CyberProtect offers a level of protection unmatched in the industry. Designed by veterans of the financial and cybersecurity industries, the solution provides leading-edge protection through world-class cybersecurity expertise specifically created for the unique challenges financial institutions face.

Reduce risk – By orchestrating activity across previously disparate modules, CyberProtect strengthens defenses

Gain efficiencies – Automated and remote remediation frees you to focus resources on building business value

Respond faster – Understandable and actionable alerts eliminate cybersecurity noise and uncoordinated alerts

Simplify vendor management – By monitoring and managing all network cybersecurity solutions, CyberProtect lowers costs, reduces complexity and strengthens security

Ease regulatory burdens – A client portal built specifically for your financial institution provides easy access to the information auditors demand

Scalable service levels – From must-have essentials to the recommended advanced or even comprehensive options, CyberProtect scales to accommodate your evolving needs

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24/7 Coverage

Stay focused on your priorities 

Protect your financial institution with 24/7 detection and real-time response to threats in one, integrated solution. You take action only when needed, such as to clarify policies or identify legitimate activity, and CyberProtect manages the rest.

The potential financial impact of a cyberattack can reach millions of dollars. In addition, disparate cybersecurity modules are difficult to implement and manage, and expensive to maintain. Banks and credit unions of all sizes need multilayered defenses to minimize risk, protect sensitive data and ensure compliance. 

CyberProtect offers comprehensive detection and response at your fingertips. From the CyberProtect portal, you have access to a customizable dashboard that gives you 24/7 full visibility into the security posture of your institution. 

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Real-Time Remediation

Stop threats before they cause damage

Equip your financial institution to identify and defend against today's advanced cyberthreats. Maintain your data and reputation using secure, easily managed services that ease compliance and audit burdens, and deliver maximum security while minimizing cost.

Threat actors are leveraging big data and advanced techniques to identify and target the unique vulnerabilities of institutions.

Learn about the role that orchestration and other techniques play in defending against increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks, and how CyberProtect is bringing advanced cybersecurity to financial institutions of all sizes.

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Third-Party Cyber Risk

An intelligence-based approach

Outsourcing critical business systems and services is one of the fastest-growing security risks to an organization's sensitive data. In fact, according to a Ponemon study, 61 percent of all data breaches in 2019 involved third-party vendors. Surprisingly, few organizations have the in-house resources and expertise to effectively identify and monitor the cyber risks associated with third parties.

It is imperative to have cybersecurity risks appropriately identified, measured, mitigated, monitored and reported, from both a security perspective and a compliance perspective during all stages of every vendor relationship. Most organizations are solely focused on internal cybersecurity controls without keeping an eye on risks from outside their four walls. CyberProtect: Vendor Watch from Fiserv helps identify, prioritize and remediate threats posed by vendor and third-party relationships.

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Digital Risk Protection

Stay ahead of attempts to fake your mobile apps or website

There is a rise in the use of digital applications and cybercriminals are using this to their advantage. Your members and customers want to bank with you confidently through mobile apps and website logins. Unfortunately, lookalike domains and fake mobile apps are being used to trick people into sharing their credentials. Having strong digital risk protection measures in place to detect and take down these malicious attempts at fraud can help keep your financial institution and your consumers’ information safe.  

Learn the six things security experts advise you do now to reduce your financial institution's exposure to risk and why you need a solution that provides protection 24/7.

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Compliance Reporting

Preparing for a compliance audit or regulatory assessment can be complicated and time-consuming; controls mapping and detailed compliance reports from CyberProtect can help automate and simplify the process.

Many banks and credit unions struggle to gather required information, resolve previous findings, and strengthen organizational security in the weeks and months leading up to the annual assessment. Even if the institution has gathered documentation and implemented previously recommended fixes, many remain unsure as to whether they'll successfully pass their assessment. 

The self-assessment feature in the CyberProtect wizard enables institutions to manage their programs and gain visibility into their organizations' security risk, program maturity, and FFIEC/NCUA assessment readiness throughout the year and leading up to the scheduled audit. 

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Identity Protection

Keep personal information out of the hands of the criminals

Keylogging spyware is one of the most common, yet dangerous components of malware. It is used to steal everything typed into a desktop or mobile device for the purpose of identity theft and financial gain. Keyloggers steal banking credentials, credit card information, health information, social security numbers, private emails and text messages. They are downloaded to a device when clicking on an infected link inside an email, text message or webpage. As a result, account takeovers were trending at the highest loss rate among different fraud types in 2020.

Protect consumers’ private information from spying eyes. Identity Watch is different from other identity protection plans because it includes keystroke encryption software. This software stops keylogging spyware from stealing personal information and preventing exposure to identity and financial theft. This technology is so effective against cybercrime, it’s the method chosen by top financial institutions and the military.

Advancing Threats Require Advanced Technology 

The convergence of cyber experts with financial technology experts gives you unprecedented protection against evolving cyber threats. During this 10-minute podcast you will discover:

  • Why community banks should be concerned about cybersecurity
  • The top challenges for community banks related to cybersecurity
  • How regulators are addressing cybersecurity

Listen to podcast

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Build Your Own Security Operations Center (SOC) or Partner With a Managed Security Service Provider?

Today's attacks are sophisticated, fast-moving, and evolving. Today's SOC needs to be equally sophisticated, fast-moving, and evolving. In this treacherous environment, organizations need to dramatically improve their security posture. Executive management must weigh the costs/benefits of building, staffing, and managing their own SOC, or partnering with an MSSP. When making this decision, it is important to understand that cybersecurity is hard and expensive. This report provides an overview of the staffing, infrastructure and costs needed to support a SOC as well as the pros and cons associated with doing it yourself versus hiring and MSSP.

Download the report

What Every Financial Institution Needs To Do To Improve Cybersecurity Preparedness video thumbnail

What Every Financial Institution Needs To Do To Improve Cybersecurity Preparedness

Cyber events require an organized response. When an attack happens, how you respond and how quickly you react can greatly influence the impact of the attack on your organization, finances and reputation. Cybersecurity events are not resolved in a vacuum. Resolution often requires a joint effort between technical and non-technical teams in order to address all facets of risk posed to the organization. During a cybersecurity event, time is of the essence with risk and liability the organization faces increasing by the minute. Preparing for these types of events is one of the best ways to streamline response and reduce risk. During this podcast our experts will cover:

  • What questions you should be asking about the current state of your cyber protection
  • How being proactive can help reduce business interruption
  • Incident Response Planning 101
  • How to identify security gaps 

Listen to podcast

Find Out How to Protect Your Financial Institution From Increasing Cyberthreats

It's important to invest in a cybersecurity platform created specifically for financial institutions to best fortify your cyber defenses. Learn why you should partner with cybersecurity experts who can manage your cybersecurity for you while you focus on other initiatives that bring value and growth to your organization. 

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