Card Risk Office Essentials

Card Risk Office EssentialsSM from Fiserv is a comprehensive and integrated toolset to help control and mitigate fraud risk for your debit, credit and prepaid card portfolios.


Card Risk Office Essentials consolidates our industry-leading card-based risk solutions and incorporates them into a single offering. Our approach provides an array of proven tools that deliver an effective defense against fraud – including card-not-present fraud.

Reliable fraud detection capabilities are the key to defending your financial institution – and debit and credit cardholders – from today's ever-evolving fraud hazards.

With Card Risk Office Essentials, you control an integrated, innovative and comprehensive toolset to effectively fight against fraud.

Card Risk Office Essentials delivers the services and capabilities you need for a sensible and cost-effective risk management strategy – one that provides the right balance between risk mitigation and a stress-free consumer payments experience. Our multi-solution toolset protects, detects and responds to risks ensuring the highest level of service to cardholders and financial institutions.


  • Neural fraud network: Our sophisticated neural network assesses fraud risk for card transactions without delaying or inconveniencing cardholders. Our service includes a call center of skilled analysts combined with an automated voice response unit to provide notifications or card statuses. This real-time neural network enhancement allows you to identify high-risk transactions that assist in authorization decisions
  • Compromised card tracking: Fiserv tracks compromised cards identified in Visa® or MasterCard® alerts. We display alerts relevant to your cards in one convenient, secure application and provide a daily report of card transactions. Our card tracking capability is integrated with our neural network enabling you to generate cases at lower scoring thresholds to aggressively monitor transaction activity on compromised cards
  • Case tracking and automated notifications: Fiserv adds a web-based interface to monitor and manage potential fraud cases. You can update case statuses, enter comments, tag and review transactions and submit case resolution – there's no waiting and no faxes
  • Transaction blocking: Block potentially fraudulent transactions with user-configured rules. When combined with our neural network, a case is automatically created for each denied transaction
  • Additional options: Card Risk Office Essentials can be implemented as a stand-alone package or upgraded with additional Fiserv risk products, including Card Risk Office to make your fraud program even more robust

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