Card Risk Management

Fight the rising cost of fraud with Card Risk Management ​from Fiserv.

Debit, credit and prepaid cards are the payment methods of choice for U.S. consumers. But rising card fraud, in which thieves gain direct access to deposit and credit accounts, can lead to significant losses. Although adoption of the EMV® standard will significantly reduce the potential for fraud during card present transactions, it will not impact card-not-present fraud. What can your financial institution do to fight back?

Fiserv offers Card Risk Management designed to proactively detect and prevent fraud activity. Our innovative approach, which combines advanced fraud detection software with personalized supervision of your risk management efforts, is the reason our clients are reducing their fraud exposure by 50 percent or more.

Our Solution

Fiserv has aligned industry-leading card risk management capabilities into two service packages. With our bundled offerings, Card Risk Office Essentials and Card Risk OfficeSM, you can:

  • Score 100 percent of transactions in real-time
  • Reduce fraud losses
  • Minimize false-positive transaction readings

Our offerings provide the fraud protection you need to reduce fraud losses and protect cardholders.

  • Card Risk Office Essentials delivers an integrated set of tools that effectively reduces fraud by:
    • Evaluating all transactions in real-time to immediately identify potential fraud
    • Blocking suspicious transactions with a high performance rule set and user-configured rules
    • Displaying alerts relevant to your cards and providing daily transaction reports
    • Enabling you to monitor, manage and update fraud cases
  • Card Risk Office combines the expertise of our team of fraud mitigation professionals with the capabilities of Card Risk Office Essentials to provide research, advisory services and periodic reporting for your institution ‒ keeping your fraud protection up-to-date with the most recent fraud trends


Our toolsets can be used to assess and mitigate the risk of fraudulent card activity without delaying transactions or inconveniencing cardholders. This allows you to:

  • Track risk patterns and monitor or block authorizations based on national and global data
  • Define the risk scoring threshold for cardholder transactions and take action as needed
  • Contact cardholders directly to warn of suspicious activity
  • Reduce overall losses through quicker detection of potential fraud
  • Provide a greater sense of security for cardholders, encouraging more card usage
  • Receive expert consultation and direction to respond to fraud risk exposure

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