Remittance Manager

Remittance Manager from Fiserv provides your customers with single sign-on access to all of their remittance applications online – eliminating the need to maintain multiple user credentials.


A secure Web portal, Remittance Manager from Fiserv offers your remittance customers a central point of access to all of their remittance applications, such as RemitStream® Receivables Online, RemitStream Remote Lockbox Capture and RemitStream Exception Handling.

A single sign-on to Remittance Manager provides immediate access to all authorized remittance applications, and new user setup is greatly streamlined. Rather than completing a separate set-up process for each application, an administrator simply creates a profile that designates the user's role and which applications can be accessed. This flexible process is performed online, eliminating any backroom setup.

To provide a truly seamless online experience, your financial institution can provide a link to Remittance Manager from your website.


  • Single sign-on access: Customers can log in to Remittance Manager and gain instant access to multiple remittance applications, such as Receivables Online and Remote Lockbox Capture
  • Streamlined administration: There's no need to maintain multiple user credentials or perform a separate user setup for each application. An administrator can simply check the appropriate boxes in one location to grant access to all appropriate applications
  • HOA maintenance: Available through Remittance Manager, homeowner association (HOA) maintenance functionality gives property management companies the ability to automate requests to add new HOAs or make changes to established ones. Requests are received in a consistent format, and customers can view a history and status of their change requests
  • Easy master file creation: For property management customers, Remittance Manager introduces functionality that simplifies the process of creating an original master file for exception management. Customers can upload their data and easily map fields to create a master file that includes information for each resident. They build the map once; if a change occurs, they can simply import an updated database
  • Service request form: If a remittance customer needs Fiserv to research an issue, they can submit an online service request through Remittance Manager. As action is taken on these requests, users receive email updates. Customers can also return to the form anytime to view the status of their submitted requests

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