RemitStream Wholesale Lockbox

Our outsourced lockbox solution for corporate-to-corporate payments, RemitStream® Wholesale Lockbox from Fiserv is designed to improve cash flow for businesses processing low-volume, high-dollar payments.


Outsourced lockbox services from Fiserv provide an opportunity for your financial institution to gain new fee-based revenue with minimal resource investment. By focusing your remittance processing operation on corporate-to-corporate payments, you can build profitable and lasting relationships with businesses receiving these payments.

RemitStream Wholesale Lockbox provides an efficient method to collect, process and deposit low-volume, high-dollar business-to-business payments. Our efficient workflow offers front-end document and check imaging in a high-speed processing environment. Payment processing can also be customized to meet the unique needs of your business customers.

With our robust online viewing and reporting solution, RemitStream Receivables Online, your remittance customers gain same-day online access to check and remittance document images. Customers can also generate lockbox reports and search for account activity online. Integration between Receivables Online and an interactive Web-based exceptions management solution, RemitStream Exception Handling: Online Decisioning, further expands your online capabilities by enabling customers to review exception items and submit same-day decisions.


  • Secure Web portal: Remittance Manager provides a central point where your remittance customers can gain single sign-on access to applications for lockbox viewing and reporting, electronic payment initiation, service requests and more. These businesses can also set up access for their employees and customers. There's no need to maintain multiple user credentials or perform separate user setups for each application
  • Electronic images: In addition to a traditional paper remittance package, your customers can receive electronic images of all checks, remittance documents and envelopes processed in our lockbox operation. Images can be received by a secure electronic transmission or on a CD-ROM
  • Lockbox imaging: By partnering with Fiserv, you can expand your lockbox business to serve customers who want a lockbox service for document imaging with no payment involved. With RemitStream Image Lockbox, customers can send Fiserv their remittance documents to be imaged and packaged using our high-speed imaging and indexing technology. This convenient service simplifies the management of nearly any type of documentation, such as invoices for vendors
  • Remote deposit: With RemitStream Remote Lockbox Capture, business customers receiving check payments and remittance documents in their offices, stores or service centers can scan and transmit them to the lockbox processing site. The data and images are merged with lockbox transactions for posting, clearing, reporting and archiving
  • Integrated receivables: A number of tools are available to consolidate payments from multiple sources. Remittance information is captured from paper invoices, coupons or other documents and combined with electronic payment data, including remotely-captured payments, proprietary files, electronic remittance advices and more. An encrypted data transmission is sent to the customer in multiple formats to download into their accounts receivable system
  • Faster online bill pay processing: RemitStream Electronic Lockbox enables end-to-end electronic handling of online bill payments. The solution reduces processing time by several days, helping guarantee that lockbox customers receive timely credit for payments made online

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