RemitStream Remote Lockbox Capture

RemitStream® Remote Lockbox Capture from Fiserv adds all the benefits of remote capture to your lockbox processing operation. Checks and remittance documents can be scanned and transmitted electronically for processing.


Expand the market reach of your lockbox services with remote deposit capture. RemitStream Remote Lockbox Capture gives lockbox customers at any geographic location the ability to scan checks and remittance documents, and then transmit the images electronically to our processing center. Data and images from the remotely captured payments are combined with items received through the lockbox for posting, clearing, reporting and archival.

Remote deposit capabilities can help you increase fee-based revenue and strengthen relationships. Customers can improve their cash flow and accelerate account receivable posting by using these services to deposit walk-in payments and payments mailed directly to their office, store or service center rather than to a lockbox. Businesses no longer need to leave their offices or use courier services to deposit these "stranded" payments.

Your financial institution can also use RemitStream Remote Lockbox Capture to create a low-volume in-house lockbox solution. You can scan checks and remittance documents and then transmit the images electronically to our lockbox operation for processing.


  • Easy setup: Software is easily downloaded and installed, and a number of qualified check scanners and full-page document scanners can be used
  • Advanced technology: The solution uses intelligent load balancing, optical character recognition and built-in functionality that detects duplicate items
  • Confirmations: Customers receive a confirmation of each file they transmit
  • High quality: Error-correction and image quality verification features ensure quality
  • Integrated receivables: Payments received by remote deposit can be integrated with payments received in a traditional lockbox to streamline payment processing. When you use tools from Fiserv to create an integrated receivables environment, a single encrypted data transmission is sent to the customer to download into their accounts receivable system

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