RemitStream Receivables Online

RemitStream® Receivables Online from Fiserv offers your staff, remittance customers and their employees the convenience of same-day online access to check images and remittance documents, plus online search capabilities and reporting.


Viewing check images and remittance documents online the same day they are processed is a valuable and convenient advantage for your staff, your remittance customers and their employees. With RemitStream Receivables Online from Fiserv, you can offer an advanced online tool for remittance viewing and reporting.

You'll save time for your staff, enjoy greater flexibility and strengthen relationships with your remittance customers by offering this robust online system. Quick and flexible navigation combined with the latest Web technologies helps boost customer satisfaction, reduce training time and provide an easy rollout to new users.

Integration with RemitStream Exception Handling: Online Decisioning adds the ability to manage exceptions online. Your remittance customers can review exception items, edit incorrect data and suspend or reject items if a decision cannot be made. Approved items are automatically returned to the remittance processing workflow, eliminating manual intervention.


  • Self-service administration: Financial institutions and their customers can designate administrators to create new users, grant permissions, research the access rights of established users and modify these permissions online. An administrator can also view failed login attempts, reset user passwords and deactivate or delete users
  • Flexible permissions: Access to specific lockbox information and menu options is controlled by user permissions, which can be easily modified using self-service administrative capabilities. You can create any number of permission levels to meet the needs of your financial institution and remittance customers with multiple subdivisions and subsidiaries
  • Flexible image viewing: RemitStream Receivables Online makes it easy to view check images and documents online with the ability to increase the image sizes, view the fronts and backs of check images, and scroll through multiple images. Image resolution and printing use flexible Windows®-based settings, and you can choose to print checks, documents and batch files all at once or separately 
  • Reporting: Transaction reports can be generated and viewed online using full Adobe® PDF functionality. In addition to the preformatted reports, custom queries can be performed to provide added data 
  • Enhanced data search: When you perform a search, the system scans information across all lockbox accounts. Extensive data searches are performed in the background to allow users to continue working in other applications. In addition, an advanced search function enables users to create custom queries that can be saved and run on demand. Those in the property management industry can also search by homeowners association number
  • Customized look: Flexible design options enable you to incorporate your financial institution's logos, fonts and colors into the look of RemitStream Receivables Online

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