Treasury Management

As the financial landscape evolves, financial institutions must offer products and services that improve corporate client relationships and grow the organizations' bottom line. Treasury Management from Fiserv can help.

Our treasury management solutions are designed to address the needs of organizations managing cash and other assets across the globe. The primary goal of our solutions is to maximize investments and grow the corporate treasury.

These solutions increase operational efficiencies while eliminating unnecessary capital expenditures, reducing costs and minimizing losses due to fraud – all while meeting the needs of your business customers and growing your revenue base.

We deliver leading-edge services regardless of your institution's size or transaction volumes. Our treasury management solutions provide immediate cost savings in staffing, computing capacity, physical footprint, software maintenance, upgrade projects and implementation costs.

Treasury Management Can Help You Grow Your Business and Increase Revenue Opportunities


Broader Service Offerings

Positive pay and account reconciliation delivered either in-house or from an ASP delivery model



Greater Fraud Control

Treasury Management solutions operate in real time to significantly reduce losses due to criminal activity


Robust Reporting

Identify all types of transactions passed, allowing your customers to review and evaluate all account activity, to improve service to your customers and provide additional revenue opportunities

Treasury Management Solutions

Payments Exchange: RTP®

Payments Exchange: RTP from Fiserv enables end-to-end, real‑time payments 24/7/365 through the RTP® Network from The Clearing House, providing financial institutions an affordable option for adopting the newest payments rail.

Payments Exchange: Fedwire®

Payments Exchange: Fedwire from Fiserv is a flexible, web-based solution for completing end-to-end wire transfers, providing financial institutions an affordable option for increasing the efficiency and security of the wire transfer process.

*Fedwire is a registered trademark of the Federal Reserve Banks.

Payments Exchange: Foreign Exchange Services

With Payments Exchange: Foreign Exchange Services, banks and credit unions can facilitate foreign exchange trade settlements without maintaining separate relationships with multiple third-party providers.

ARP Processing Services

A hosted solution for account reconcilement that streamlines the back office and reduces risk of fraud.


Positive payment management system that automates back-office operations in real-time to reduce the risk of fraud. ARP/SMS is a hosted solution for account reconcilement that streamlines the back office and reduces risk of fraud.

Integrated Receivables

With Integrated Receivables from Fiserv, financial institutions can offer their business customers a way to lower total accounts receivable costs and improve accuracy, using artificial intelligence for improved payment-to-invoice matching rates.

Weiland Account Analysis

Unconventional treasury management product streamlines the complex tasks of commercial account analysis and billing to meet the needs of your commercial customers and ensure the profitability of those relationships, growing the bottom line.

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