Tokenized Payments Offer Simpler, More Secure, Shopping

Tokenization helps answer the market need for secure, convenient mobile payments that make day-to-day transactions easy and worry-free.

Rule the Wallet With Tokenized Payment Solutions

Tokenization is the process of replacing the traditional payment card Primary Account Number (PAN) with a unique numeric digital token in transactions.


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Tokens are linked to specific devices and are worthless if stolen, hacked or intercepted

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The process happens in the background and helps facilitate a better consumer experience

Tokenization extends security into digital channels, reducing the potential for fraud and removing the inconvenience and cost of lost and stolen cards


Simplify the purchasing experience for consumers by largely eliminating the need to enter and re-enter the account number when purchasing on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. Tokens also help prevent fraud by removing sensitive card account information from the payment process.


  • Eliminates the need for your cards to physically leave your hands
  • Is easy to use at the point-of-sale, in-browser and in-app
  • Enhances transaction security
  • Reduces the risk of fraud in digital channels

Getting Started

Fiserv can help your financial institution offer the security and convenience of tokenized payments. Our complete solution for tokenized payments includes:

Token Service Enrollment Information
Guidance and direction to issuers on fulfilling boarding requirements; publication of Token Service Provider (TSP)-specific documentation outlining required issuer enrollment data and assets, for example, card art, metadata, terms and conditions

Issuer Enrollment, Boarding and Go Live
Entry and submission of issuer-specific solution tokenization configuration parameters and requests to tokenize BINs; assistance with white list testing set up and execution; scheduling and submission of go-live requests, monitoring during the go-live process

Authentication and Digital One-time Passcode
Authentication for token activation, including call center support and a self-service digital one-time passcode process

Provisioning Notification Service
Creation of wallet-specific cardholder provisioning notification letters and emails per digital wallet provider and Card Association requirements

Authorization and Transaction Processing
Enhanced authorization and processing for tokenized transactions

Token Lifecycle Management
Issuer guidance on token lifecycle management activities such as token suspension, reactivation and deletion

Back-Office Support
Integration of tokenization-related processes and procedures in back office systems and support

Financial Institution Education
Information-sharing via webinars, tokenization community, FAQs and white papers

Consumer marketing assistance for enrolled issuers including email campaigns, website messaging, web banners, brochures, statement inserts, posters and tent cards



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