PEP+: Direct

PEP+® from Fiserv: Direct enables PEP+ clients to deliver frequently used functions to consumers through their channel of choice, providing financial institutions greater consistency in their user experiences, expanded delivery channels and flexibility to meet consumers' changing needs.

As financial institutions attempt to differentiate themselves, the focus on customer and member experience and ease-of-use has become increasingly important. APIs allow financial institutions to provide commonly used, value-added services in a manner consistent with their institutions' brand identities and usability standards, with minimal friction in the user experience. PEP+: Direct can be an API layer that allows access to several frequently used ACH functions.

Create a Better Customer Experience

Consumers expect exceptional online experiences from their financial institutions. 


To help meet these evolving needs, here are a few of the APIs Fiserv delivers through our PEP+: Direct platform:

  • Control totals: Allow your customers to add, modify or delete ACH control totals through various channels, including your cash management website and mobile devices

  • Positive pay: Administer complete ownership of the user experience as customers post transactions to their accounts

  • Reverse positive pay: Address costly inefficiencies by empowering both consumer and corporate customers to return unauthorized ACH items directly from your website or mobile app

  • Warehouse inquiry: Provide ACH detail and addenda information to internal users and external customers. Use the PEP+ warehouse data to enrich the ACH-related information available on your customer-facing online platforms and enable ACH data exports in file formats that may not be available today

  • Onboarding and maintenance: Support the initial setup and ongoing maintenance of commonly used customer information, reducing your reliance on native PEP+ screens

  • Deletes and reversals: Enable customers to request the deletion or reversal of their own ACH origination files, batches or items directly from the website they used to submit them

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