Enterprise Content Management

We support you in every aspect of your paperless banking transition, with enterprise content management solutions that streamline business processes, improve electronic records management and increase profitability.

There's more to becoming a paperless institution than just digitizing forms and customer statements.

To get the full efficiency and cost savings benefit of electronic record keeping, you need a comprehensive system for processing, storing, notating and retrieving e-documents. This system must provide automation to help streamline key business processes, but also improve every aspect of working with electronic records, including reporting, auditing, security and compliance issues. We can help.

Our Solution

Enterprise Content Management Solutions from Fiserv help you simplify, secure and improve the efficiency of paperless document storage. When used in its entirety, our document management solution organizes and controls all the content throughout your institution. You'll make more informed decisions and better manage risk - two crucial components to greater profitability.

Our ECM system improves business operations in two important ways:

  • Process automation: Our Enterprise Content Management Solutions will automatically do many of the manual processes that you pay back office staff to do today. Processes will not only move more quickly and smoothly, but you can also expect fewer clerical errors and the ability to make better decisions, faster. That can mean unprecedented efficiency for your organization. For example, you can:
    • Improve your report research
    • Automatically archive and retrieve business documents
    • Deploy an electronic routing/auditing process that manages invoice processing or loan document processing and auditing
  • Compliance: We monitor compliance specific to the financial services market, making updates to our solution as needed. With our Enterprise Content Management, you can rest assured that your institution is always playing by the rules.


ECM captures, manages, stores and preserves content in many forms, including images. By taking steps toward becoming paperless and managing your electronic records properly, you will:

  • Automate document management processes
  • Save time
  • Boost productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Improve governance, risk and compliance support
  • Transition to paperless files and processes

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