CorPoint Remote Manager

CorPoint® Remote Manager from Fiserv provides unparalleled access and reporting of smart safe health at the device level, alerting merchants and their service providers to maintenance issues with a particular smart safe in near real time.

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Innovations in Remote Cash Capture

Learn how adopting remote cash capture technology benefits you and your retail customers.

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Smart Safe Remote Management Saves Time and Expense

Today, many retailers are using smart safes across geographically dispersed locations. These retailers must rely on expensive service calls to armored carriers or service providers to perform common updates to their smart safe configurations.

CorPoint Remote Manager solves this problem by supporting the central administration and access for users to update common smart safe configuration settings remotely across their network of devices. Remote management eliminates the need to visit each smart safe location to perform standard configuration updates.


Benefits to your organization include:

  • Lower costs with reduced on-site service calls for configuration changes
  • Centralized insights and control over each smart safe
  • Enhanced staff efficiency

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