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CorPoint® Hardware from Fiserv provides retailers best-in-class smart safe devices that automate cash handling and can help streamline cash operations, reduce risks and maximize store profitability.

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Innovations in Remote Cash Capture

Learn how adopting remote cash capture technology benefits you and your retail customers.

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Eliminate Manual Cash Counting, Depositing and Reconciliation

Smart safes accurately count and validate cash deposits, simplifying reconciliation and saving staff valuable time. Using these devices can not only reduce shrinkage and errors, but also help deter theft, which can make a retail location safer for both customers and employees.

How Do Smart Safes Work?

How smart safes work
  1. Customers insert cash into smart safes, where cash is counted, verified and securely stored.
  2. CorPoint: Deposit Manager connects directly to the safe to provide users complete cash deposit and balance infomation online.
  3. Optional daily credit is available for cash placed in the safe.
  4. Armored carrier picks up cash and takes it to the bank.

Cash Control, Visibility and Flexibility – Anytime, Anywhere

You can configure CorPoint to provide full online reporting and visibility to cash positions and deposit differences in the smart safes at all store locations from a web portal, mobile phone or tablet device. Purchase or lease options are available for the smart safes. Also, retailers have the flexibility to choose any armored car service provider for transportation when using the option to connect current or other certified smart safes to CorPoint.


CorPoint Hardware can help you:

  • Streamline and set up automated cash handling
  • Reduce loss from theft or shrinkage
  • Enhance employee security
  • Improve visibility to all smart safe balances and reconciliation reporting
  • Reduce armored transportation pickups
  • Improve merchant cash flow when using provisional credit
  • Create new revenue opportunities for banks

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