More than 200 financial institutions trust ReserveLink™ from Fiserv, an advanced deposit reclassification tool, to "sweep" transaction account balances into non-transaction accounts to reduce or eliminate the need to maintain balances at the Federal Reserve.

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MIDFLORIDA Bank Maximizes Earnings

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It's easy to transform idle funds, such as non-interest bearing Fed accounts into earning assets using automatic deposit reclassification. You can use automated sweep technology to help your organization potentially free up millions in capital and maximize the earnings possibility of non-earning assets without risk or customer impact.

Reduce Idle Investable Funds

With intense competition and pressures on profitability, financial institutions can't afford to have investable funds locked in reserve requirements or balances at the Federal Reserve as a non-earning asset.

Maximize Investment Income

Configure the unique dynamic threshold of ReserveLink to automatically sweep, on average, more than 90 percent of reservable account balances, providing state-of-the-art sweep technology and helping reduce required manual analysis and execution by staff. ReserveLink can provide your bank with more investable funds at lower operational costs when you configure the system toautomatically analyze accounts, sweep funds and produce regulatory reports.


ReserveLink can help you:

  • Improve and produce more stable sweep percentages
  • Increase investable funds
  • Design automated interest accrual tracking and checklist to support Federal Reserve guidelines with configurable solution flexibility, scalability and easy migration

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