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Digital Mindset

Digital is more than just a mobile or online channel. It's about blurring the lines between the digital and the physical in an always-connected world to provide seamless connectivity to financial services.

Digital Can Connect the Dots

Today's consumers have a digital mindset and want to use innovative technology to access and move money securely and in real time - whenever, wherever and however they choose.

Personalize your institution's interactions with consumers by curating experiences based on their unique financial needs and digital banking preferences.

Stay ahead of the competition with payment and transfer solutions that help make consumers' journeys so easy, efficient and consistent you'll earn their loyalty and advocacy with every experience.

Get the Edge

Consistently provide digital experiences, no matter where, when or how consumers access your services.

Clients Talk About Digital Banking

Hear Dawn Padfield at Salem Five Bank and Matt Speare at Carter Bank & Trust discuss how the DNA® core platform and Architect™ digital banking from Fiserv have enabled them to create an integrated digital experience that will evolve with their customers' needs.

Digital Edge℠ from Fiserv is a suite of solutions that unites multiple functions, including account processing, customer service, payments, lending, and credit and risk management to offer robust, personalized and secure digital banking from a single, trusted and proven technology partner.

Provide one experience by delivering a single view of all accounts. Move money via an integrated payments suite with instant payments through secure systems. Digitally identify new customers or members and use advanced analytics to personalize offers. Protect data with authentication and verification platforms, including one-time-use passcodes delivered via text and biometrics, such as palm scanning. It's all possible - all from one provider.



One Experience

Seamlessly connect the dots of accessing and managing money remotely and in real-time to match how your consumers live. From the branch or the devices of their choice, whether they're opening an account online from the coffee shop, receiving a real-time spending alert or getting instant cash from a deposited check for business expenses, Digital Edge brings all the components together in a fluid, streamlined experience.

  • The core banking platform combines technology in a new way, enabling real-time alerts and fraud detection, and enhanced banker mobility and flexibility - with consistent performance across multiple channels.
  • The digital banking solution empowers you to create highly differentiated digital banking experiences and respond to consumers' ever-evolving digital needs. Tightly integrated digital touchpoints help your institution to strengthen your digital relationships and drive more profitable consumer engagements.
  • The commercial online banking solution combines ease of use with the sophisticated capabilities to offer the scalability and personalized services your business customers need.


Money Movement

The speed, ease and convenience of simplified money movement adds to the seamless experience. Consumers don't want to know how it's done; they just want to know how much they're sending, who the money is going to, and when it gets there.

The seamless set of Fiserv solutions connects and coordinates account information, payees, deadlines, overdraft/overdue alerts and more – in real time.



A personalized journey means curating the right digital path for individuals – and bringing together all the pieces that make that journey easy, efficient, consistent, proactive and responsive.

Tap into profitable revenue streams from consumers who expect to move money when it's convenient for them with smart technology that anticipates needs and responds with insightful, real-time solutions.



Effective management of complex risks and regulations associated with the movement of money is crucial.

We build intelligence into systems and tools to help you prevent fraud, protect consumers' data, minimize risk and ensure compliance. Think of it as a virtual safety net for consumers and reliable protection for your bottom line.

  • The card risk solution can assess and mitigate the risk of fraudulent card activity without delaying transactions or inconveniencing cardholders. Cardholders with a greater sense of security are more likely to use their cards while you can reduce losses to fraud.
  • The remote deposit capture solution puts you ahead of the competition with innovative remote deposit capture technology that lets consumers capture images from deposits at an ATM, a branch or at home with a mobile device.
  • The biometric solution allows you to securely and accurately identify customers and employees with remarkable efficiency for an enhanced customer experience.

Digital Isn't "Technology" - It's a Mindset


Digital Edge for Banks

Watch this video to learn the many ways banks can benefit from Digital Edge.



Digital Edge for Credit Unions

Credit unions and their members can benefit from Digital Edge; watch the video to learn more.

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A personalized digital experience is essential in today's business environment. Enhance your consumers' experiences with Digital Edge from Fiserv.

Provide seamless interactions across multiple touchpoints; create easy, efficient and consistent personalized journeys; enable money movement, from complex to simple; and provide secure transactions for digital consumers.

Learn how you can gain a digital edge in attracting and retaining consumers and businesses.

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