Statement Advantage

Statement Advantage™ from Fiserv helps you enrich accountholder experiences and engagement by transforming your statements, notices and other multichannel documents into dynamic marketing and educational tools that drive results.


The average consumer spends up to six minutes reviewing a statement or bill – one hour each year1. Make that time count with best-in-class options for statement composition and production to deliver monochrome, monochrome with highlight color, or full-color documents that incorporate targeted promotional and educational messaging.
Financial institutions of all sizes can utilize Statement Advantage and benefit from competitive pricing. The product is integrated with most Fiserv account processing platforms for fast implementation and improved security, and can be integrated with non-Fiserv existing account processing platforms to provide the convenient, secure and personal multichannel interactions accountholders want.


  • Leverages the Fiserv infrastructure to deliver a high quality, secure document
  • Reduces risk by keeping production files within Fiserv
  • Uses best-in-class composition experience for innovative formats
  • Provides personalized messaging to each accountholder as one component of a multichannel communication strategy
  • Drives results through a single partner that you know and trust


  • Creative document design: Fiserv will help you create documents that drive readers' attention to targeted areas for maximum understanding and impact
  • Targeted messaging: Flexible messaging options let you tailor statement content at the accountholder level, letting you combine transactional content with promotional information
  • Client control tools: Manage message content, view production information, review and manage special handling instructions, even conduct audit reviews with WC3®, our web-based client control tool. Plus, track your mailings and view real-time production reports
  • Fully-integrated document delivery: Deliver both printed and digital documents; our solution is fully integrated with online banking environments
  • Operational efficiency: Gain efficiencies by using onserts, reducing warehouse demands and leveraging postal discount

1Source: Consumer Preferences Documents and Delivery survey, Fiserv, 2016

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