Card Personalization

Make a lasting impression on your consumers with digital cards that transform ordinary cards into powerful brand vehicles with a high degree of personalization, including full-color photographs and logos.


Choose from options such as pre-approved instant issue EMV® contactless cards from The Card Collection™, or let your customers personalize their cards with favorite photos using MyCardCreation®. We can also print-on-demand plastics manufactured to your specifications. Request specialty dual-interface or custom litho card designs. Add targeted messages and co-branding. The possibilities are endless.

Manufacturing and Personalization of Prepaid, Debit, Credit and ATM Cards

  • Custom card manufacturing: Fully customized cards made to your specifications and inspected for print quality
  • The Card Collection
    • Pay-as-you-go ordering – Fiserv inventories the stock
    • Select one of The Card Collection designs or offer customers their choice of card designs
    • No creative expense
    • Fast turnaround time
  • Photo cards
    • Digital transmission or paper photo transfer
    • Identity, affinity and full-image photo options
    • MyCardCreation: Full-image photo cards customized with images uploaded by your customers
  • Companion cards: Visa® Mini Card and Mastercard® SideCard
  • Contactless cards: Visa payWave and Mastercard Paypass®

Gift and Prepaid Cards

  • The Gift Card Collection is a unique line of pay-as-you-go designs – Fiserv inventories the stock
  • No creative expense
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Or create your own custom litho gift card design
  • Prepaid cards: Turnkey solutions with plastic manufacturing, personalization, packaging and fulfillment

PIN Products

  • Customer-selected PINs by phone: Cardholders select their PINs using an interactive voice response system
  • PIN mailers: We mail PIN notifications a pre-specified number of days following the card mailing

Accessory Products

  • Card carriers
    • Standard Ultraform™ ATM, Visa or Mastercard carriers. We add cardholder-specific, customized messages with laser-quality, high-resolution printing
    • Additional carrier options include premium debit, gift, rewards and custom
  • Activation labels: Available preprinted or with custom messages in 3" label or 2" photo card sizes
  • Verification mailers: We send these a pre-specified number of days following the card/PIN mailing to verify receipt of card
  • Inserts: We can create them on your behalf or use your existing inserts
  • Gift card holders: Two card holder options that provide a festive wrapping for gift cards
  • Card logs: Cardholders use these to record card transactions
  • Card sleeves: Available in vinyl and Tyvek®, these store and protect the card
  • Marketing support
    • Pre-designed posters, tabletop displays and inserts for photo and gift card programs
    • Add your information to customize online production


Our digital solution provides:

  • 100% variable content from one card to the next
  • Targeted messages to quickly respond to industry changes
  • The ability to co-brand from card to card
  • A choice of print runs from a few dozen to millions
  • Reduced costs associated with inventory storage and obsolescence

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