Card Personalization

Transform ordinary payment cards into powerful brand vehicles. Prepaid, debit, credit and ATM card personalization solutions from Fiserv can help you drive revenue, increase cardholder loyalty and secure top-of-wallet positioning.  


As competition for consumer attention intensifies, card personalization can help you offer tailored experiences that personify the tastes and preferences of your cardholders. Choose from options, such as pre-approved EMV® contactless cards from The Card Collection, or let your customers personalize their cards with favorite photos using MyCardCreation®.

Fiserv can also print on-demand plastics manufactured to your specifications, add targeted messages and co-branding or create custom card designs. 

Card Personalization Solutions

MyCardCreation from Fiserv is a fully integrated, web-based application that synchronizes with your banking environment. Cardholders can personalize their cards online with a photograph or image from our card collection gallery - or create their own designs with personal photos.


The Card Collection allows you to select from exclusive card designs or offer cardholders the ability to make their own design, eliminating creative expenses and enabling a fast turnaround. Pay-as-you-go ordering is also supported with Fiserv-owned inventory.


Print on Demand lets you provide customized cards with no up-front inventory costs. Fiserv manages the inventory and you pay by usage. Images are transmitted digitally or uploaded and applied to white plastic card stock.

Personalization of the Cardholder Information

Don’t let your cards go unnoticed in a wallet full of plastic options. Fiserv manages every part of card production while personalizing your cards.

  • Back-of-Card: Consider the flip side and give your cardholders added confidence in their card transactions. Account information positioned on the backs of cards is hidden from onlookers
  • Embossing: Let your cardholders feel the difference with an embossed finish; account information is raised above the surface of the card adding texture
  • Flat Graphics: Differentiate your brand in a crowded wallet; a smooth finish, allows your hand to glide over the surface with embedded account information
  • Laser Engraving: Offer the prestige and status that come with laser-engraved metal payment cards from Fiserv and appeal to higher income and younger consumer demographics 
  • Vertical Orientation: A vertical layout differentiates your card and keeps your brand visible when EMV chips are inserted at the point of sale. The back of the card remains horizontal to align with the signature panel and magnetic stripe


Accessible Banking for Cardholders with Visual Impairments


Braille can be added to any card at the time of personalization with a durable, clear, embossed sticker. The full primary account number, expiration date and security code will be applied with this transparent sticker, permitting all existing card information to remain visible. A notch will also be added to the right side of the card to help ensure proper insertion at the point-of-sale.

Accessory Products to Elevate Your Brand Beyond the Payment Card:

Card carriers: Using current printing technology, carriers are offered in black and white, color logo and color logo with images. Options include standard UltraformTM ATM, Visa®, Mastercard®, EMV and contactless carriers. Custom carriers are also available

Activation labels: Available preprinted or printed on demand in 3” label or 2” card label sizes

Verification mailers: Provided two business days following the card/PIN mailing

Inserts: Created on your behalf or included with existing inserts

Card logs: Aids cardholders in recording their card transactions

Card sleeves: Available in vinyl, Tyvek® and RFID shielding

Customer-selected PINs by phone: Cardholders select their PINs using an interactive voice response system

PIN mailers: Cardholders receive PINs within two business days following the card mailing


Our digital solution provides:

  • 100% variable content from one card to the next
  • Targeted messages to quickly respond to industry changes
  • The ability to co-brand from card to card
  • A choice of print runs from a few dozen to millions
  • Reduced costs associated with inventory storage and obsolescence

EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.

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