Commercial Center: Security

Commercial CenterSM: Security from Fiserv is a comprehensive security platform designed to protect Commercial Center, the business banking and cash management application from Fiserv.


In addition to securing Commercial Center, the Security module provides protection for your other online banking web applications, such as lockbox, business bill pay and remote deposit. It provides a wide variety of information-reporting services, electronic payment and file transfer processing services. Security extends to other bank applications through single sign on. Information reporting, payments and file transfer functions are all protected.


  • Single sign-on: Secure access to multiple sites with one login
  • Private browsing: Limited to approved sites; reduces risk by avoiding sites with malware
  • User and device authentication: Digital certificate and multifactor authentication (in-band and out-of-band) eliminates hardware token and third-party security products; supports SMS or text and push one-time passcodes
  • Malware protection: Man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser attack mitigation, not susceptible to malware attacks
  • Encryption: Keyboard, data and transaction encryption
  • Entitlements: User-specific permissions, limits user access to sites, functions, transaction entry and approval

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