uChoose Rewards

uChoose Rewards® from Fiserv is an award-winning loyalty program that encourages accountholder retention, card usage and activation with valuable and flexible merchant-funded rewards.


Research shows that activation rates are 15 percent higher for card portfolios with rewards and spending is as much as 40 percent higher among cardholders who belong to a rewards program. uChoose Rewards from Fiserv helps you tap into this increased card activation and spending with a program that you can easily tailor to make your own.

uChoose Rewards:

  • Is a robust, highly-customizable rewards program specifically designed to increase your cardholders' usage and spending levels
  • Supports both consumer and small business market segments, and both debit and credit programs
  • Lets you select from three types of rewards programs – merchant-funded, issuer-funded, or blended – to meet your specific objectives. Set your own rules for earning and redeeming, including earn rates, thresholds, caps and life of points

Since the program is co-branded, participants will see your financial institution logo and the uChoose Rewards logo when they log in to www.uchooserewards.com. Once online, they can choose from more than one million redemption items, creating excitement and appeal

uChoose Rewards can be the right solution regardless of where your debit and credit cards are processed. Even when transaction processing is split among multiple providers, your cardholders will enjoy a seamless rewards experience that includes all of their transaction and relationship activity. Points can be pooled for quicker accumulation toward redemption, which accelerates the cardholders' desires to transact and earn more points.


  • Merchant network

    When you purchase uChoose Rewards, you gain access to the uChoose Rewards Merchant Network at no extra charge. The online and brick-and-mortar network includes universally known merchants with great offers for your accountholders – up to 20 points per dollar spent. The network also includes more than 8,000 local and regional retailers. You also get to add your own commercial clients to the network for free
  • Integrated solutions

    Our desktop configuration tool makes it easy to reinforce accountholder loyalty. Manage your branding, language, messaging and content on your choice of three different uChoose Rewards home page templates. Your accountholders then access information about the program, including FAQs, point earning schedules, award levels, point accumulations and redemptions on the website. Because you are able to integrate all of their accounts into the program, the accountholder experiences a pooled view of all earned points. Your cardholders will enjoy a seamless rewards experience that includes all of their transactions and relationship activity


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