VerifyNow™ from Fiserv provides an API to identify and authenticate consumer account owners and to verify account status in real-time for a wide array of use cases.  

Balancing user experience while minimizing risk and regulatory compliance burden is a challenge for businesses and financial institutions. This is even more critical under the new Nacha WEB Debit Account Validation Rule. ACH Originators of WEB debit entries are now required to supplement exiting screening to make “account validation” an explicit part of a “commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system.” 

When you have customers who need a financial decision, data accuracy and technology that works in real-time is paramount.

- David Evans, President and CEO, DecisionLogic

Credit Decisions and Verification

By combining data from unique third-party partnerships with data sourced from our extensive footprint in bank, merchant and card processing, user-provided customer data is validated, improving accuracy and reducing fraud.

Payment Account Verification

Getting users quickly authenticated when they are sending or receiving funds is easy with VerifyNow. For example, we help verify the account provided is owned by the same person trying to initiate a ACH transfer.

Real-Time Access

Fiserv provides access to Early Warning Services® to enable instant verification. This increases verification success and happens completely behind the scenes with no user interaction required. 

We Don't Share

Data from one customer is never shared or sold to third parties. When a user ID is deleted, all data associated with that ID is also deleted; only data that must be stored for regulatory compliance is retained.


VerifyNow Features

Identity verification is critical to any risk solution. One of the challenges in an transaction environment is verifying that the person interacting with your business is actually who they say they are. VerifyNow provides access to a wide array of third-party data sources and the ability to verify customer identity in real-time.

By using VerifyNow to verify account ownership, you can also proactively authenticate a user's account status.

  • Instant verification: Fiserv provides instant in-session account owner authentication using bank account details through data contributed by various financial institutions, Early Warning Services and other sources

  • Real-time verification: Combining AllData® Aggregation from Fiserv and VerifyNow adds enhanced real-time account verification by comparing data entered by a user with data collected from the financial institution that services the account

  • Trial deposit verification: After the user initiates trial deposit verification, Fiserv makes two small trial deposits to the external account and the accountholder is instructed to confirm the amount of the two deposits. As a money service business, Fiserv completes this process end-to-end

Getting Started Is Easy

VerifyNow is available as a standalone solution or as part of AllData Aggregation and is easily integrated with new or existing online funding or money transfer solutions by way of APIs. The host system triggers the VerifyNow service whenever account verification is needed, enabling an unparalleled blended data environment for any use. 


Name variations, abbreviations and other matches are used to make the most accurate assessment possible.


Provides reliable verification using multiple methods including instant and trial deposit verification.


A real-time solution to help prevent fraud during account funding and account-to-account transfers.


Access VerifyNow through API within any application requiring near real-time account and identity verification.

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Identity verification and account validation right at your fingertips.

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