Is Liquidity a Financial Institution’s Most Undervalued Asset?

The right solution can help monetize liquidity without undue risk


There is increasing pressure on financial institutions to effectively manage their liquidity risk. In the past, liquidity management was limited to end-of-day liquidity monitoring. In a 24/7 real-time world, “end of day” has little meaning. Financial institutions and their users need tools and processes for efficient management of cash and liquidity in real-time, all the time.

As financial institutions move away from the reporting elements of regulations, they need to adopt a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that supports more effective real-time liquidity management. That solution will enable decision making and actions that not only mitigate and manage risk, but also optimize positions.

Our white paper examines survey results that emphasize the importance of real-time cash and liquidity management and what financial institutions stand to gain.


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