Branch Evolution – A Fiserv Podcast

For financial institutions, the role of the branch in meeting accountholder needs continues to evolve. In this podcast series, we explore how consumer preferences and technology are impacting the branch in some expected and some surprising ways, and what financial institutions can do to make the most of their branch strategy.


Strengthen the Accountholder Experience and Build a Better Brand

May 2021

  • Karen Kislin, Strategic Advisor, Raddon, a Fiserv Company
  • Jaime Dominguez, Director, Product Strategy, Account Processing Fiserv

Like any business, the strength of a financial institution’s brand in the market it serves can be a key driver for growth and success. Accountholder satisfaction is one of the three pillars of a strong brand, so what can you do to help keep customers or members satisfied? Hear from Karen Kislin, strategic advisor at Raddon®, and Jaime Dominguez, director of Product Strategy at Fiserv, about the role that trust, efficiency and an omnichannel experience play in keeping accountholders satisfied and loyal to your financial institution.

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