2018 Expectations & Experiences: Consumer Payments



Awareness Enhances the Payments Experience

Making consumers aware of the payments options their financial organizations offer, along with how to use certain services, can remove barriers to the adoption of payments technology. Education also can address concerns about security. Our research reveals opportunities for organizations to increase customer knowledge of services and security to improve the financial experience.  Select highlights include:

  • A lack of knowledge is a barrier to person-to-person payments use, with 23 percent saying they don't know how it works and 15 percent saying they don't know if their financial organization offers it.
  • One-third (33 percent) of consumers say there are mobile banking features they would like to use, but they don't know how.
  • Among those who do not use mobile banking, 57 percent say they don't use the service because of security concerns. Meanwhile, 52 percent believe mail is a more secure way to receive bills than other methods.

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About Expectations & Experiences

Conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Fiserv, Expectations & Experiences is one of the longest running surveys of its kind and builds on years of longitudinal consumer survey data. The survey provides insight into people's financial attitudes and needs, enabling organizations to design and drive adoption of services that improve consumer financial health, loyalty and satisfaction.

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